Charles Comes Back

Ehem! Ehehe! Oga Charley haf landed! ???

Sarcasm king haf come with his clapback o, he wrote (with a smoking hoit 6packs pishure attached.. lemme joor who no look better thing? Yimu)


Hymar Precinct,

Vicious City.


A fake intellectual parading himself all over twitter and Facebook as a detribalised Nigerian, anti IPOB terrorist and shoeless king of subs and satire, yesterday refused to die after sustaining serious bodily harm in our headquarters at Vicious City.

After subjecting him to sustained tantrums and original agbero subs, it was our expectation that he would either die from his injuries or commit suicide. Unfortunately, he managed to escape by the skin of his ugly teeth and ride into the sunset in one of our tired horseless carriages.

Now, pay attention very closely!

This man is armed and extremely dangerous. He once escaped from the loud mouth of a Dropout  Shark, and please, don’t let his wayo six packs deceive you! He was last seen carrying a Facebook block button and an Awka – made fake submachine gun. One of our senior officers was maimed for life during his riotous escape from gaol. I repeat, do not attempt to engage!

*Gulps antacids and swallows noisily, mutters under stinking breath*

Shall we continue, ladies and gentlemen?

Ehen, the allegations against him are legion, but we shall attempt to enumerate some of the important ones here.

1. Illegal possession of unlicensed firearms such as wits, sarcasm and Facebook block buttons

2. Unlawful parading of ill – gotten six packs and akpụ obi.

3. Terrorism of, and wanton deletion of Facebook friends, chief of police, Mr. Hyena.

4. Deliberate ploys to fool our nation’s most reputable hailers.

5. Aiding and abetting of 3-sound knockouts!

6. Possession of waterlogged juju and stolen ojuju calabar.

7. Illegal use of criminal nickname, “Nepa Bill Sub King”.

8. Criminal use of non – suit wearing subs laden with 9 month potbelly bulge.

9. Possession of an advanced college degree.

10. Public discharge of small rains and attempt to steal valuable tornadoes.

11. Membership of three banned societies: beardgang, Association of Cotonou suit wearers and feminist home breakers.

12.  Resemblance of hand – pressed fufu.

13. Unauthorised use of air-conditioned gyms.

14. Unsuccessful attempts to steal padded barn gloves, hoes and farmer jeans in Benin city.

Officers Joel, El Femi, Xtian Warson and two of our goons did an excellent job in twarting the vagabond.

15. Resisting anal examination with expired Vaseline.

16. Possession of fake degrees, stolen titles and a rare cock.

17. Ignorant support for atheist fools, NEPA bill presidents and IPOB victims of police brutality.

18. Threats to bake tasty cakes and break warm breads.

19. Inability to resist crushing from damsels and other traitors.

20. Insensitivity to butthurt and damaged feelings.

We have circulated his mugshot all over this precint, both online and offline.

Members of the public are advised to follow him in order to inform our headquarters of his immoral whereabouts. We are offering a brand new danfo to anyone who successfully provides info for his capture.”

As Oga Charley drop am hot finish, the same people weh dey hahaa hoohoo chei choi damn! Boom! Nawaing on Hymar’s wall still came to do the same on his wall…smh

Funny thing be say Hymar pikins still follow come troll Oga Charley for his wall, one of them Okoli Uzor Christine commented “This is a child’s play compared to Hymar’s….

Hymar still leading count.

Go, prepare another rebuttal, doc….” to this Oga Charley responded “Welcome Child. Here is your candy” choi????

Another team Hymar Oghenerume Ufuoma commented “Lol… Your own no reach Hymar Idibie David sub jare” and her team member Yelosisi Etim concurred with “@oghenerume ufuoma abi o. As I read it, I just hissed. This one no come under diss track. If na me hymar dis like that, I will just delete from zuckerville. ??

This sub no get weight. ???” ?????? and of course Oga Charley replied her “Yelosisi Etim, I don’t expect folks like you to comprehend written words as much as thrown tantrums.”???

Shioor! Facebook pious? Shildren of hAnger! ????

Me I get queshure o, we suppose call result abi? Abeg na who win this fight? Oga Charley or Hyper Hymar?

Make una call result, I dey kwom?

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