Cheta OG Haf Enter !

You see people of this country eeh, their insensitivity is outta the roof. As in they stink of insensitivity and it’s heart wrenching.

The other time Asiri brought to you guys news of a so called psychology student that made aaaaaamockery of suicidal people and when she was aaaune it down but unfortunately I was wrong☹️☹️

A Facebooker Winnie Vijay Priya Udoka lost a friend, in her grieving moment she made a post on her wall “Of what fucking use is this life. You struggle for waec, neco, gce, jamb; go to ebonyi stress uni; struggle to make money, struggle to live. And at the end of the day, you die. What use? Why”

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People were consoling her, telling her to take heart that all will be fine. From no where one Oponu General landed and decided to show us how little his thinking was. The OG Cheta Okoroafor wrote “Maybe he was a cultist. What u sow is what u will reap!”

(Is this what a normal human being does bikonu? Chayee☹️☹️)

When Winnie cautioned him “Cheta better mind your mouth, who the hell are you and who made you a judge. Swap positions with him” instead of respecting himself and apologizing, OG kept rambling, defending the crappie silly thing he said. He resorted “why would I. is that why u should reply me in such harsh tone”

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Winnie asked him “Why wont I. I lost my friend and this is all you can come up with. Are you that heartless. What if am about to commit sucide, is that what you write. Gosh cheta, you need Jesus”

He kept misyarning o, he asked Winnie “indeed! was he not the graduate that the shot in ebonyi state university or was it a bar? sorry for the loss of ur friend.”

Some other had to come in to shut him up! Precious Nwagbaoso called him out ” Cheta so nobody cares about anybody in this country and so we should wear you the hero’s crown for saying such balderdash? Next thing now you will say she or someone else is replying you in a harsh tone meanwhile your sensitivity meter is on zero point zero zero zero. Ha!”

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Mimi Okwara equally asked him “What the hell is this unashamed nkogheri?”

The shameless insensitive Oponu General didn’t utter any word again (it’s high time biko)

Shebi tomorrow now he will turn to Psychologist when a bad something makes the news on Facebook? No worry na my Asiri gods I go send make dem slap im mouth small??


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