Children are Over rated

I remember arguing with people about the relevance of children in a marriage, and why it makes no sense to stay or endure a violent and abusive relationship, claiming to be “staying for the kids”.

In my humble opinion, children are overrated as a reason for staying in an abusive marriage, and the comments of that nature are most common in a case where the woman is financially dependent on the man for everything, and has no economic activity of her own.

Yeah, read that again, kids are way overrated.

And for those of the “As you were born, so also others must be born of you” persuasion, I ask, with whose permission, consent, or approval did you join the teeming ranks of humanity? Were you not better off in the world of forms? Ideas and concepts lead far more exciting lives than us, because out there in the minds of thinkers and creatives, the modifications are endless. Translate to reality, and you have a bunch of limitations dogging your feet at every step.

A cursory look at the animal kingdom shows us that even animals exercise better birth control than us. Ovulation, which ensures conception, is suspended during periods of duress, or low availability of food, or during drought and dry season. As soon as abundance comes, the oestrus cycle regulates itself, the animal gets in heat, and copulation can take place, bringing forth a next generation of animals to take their place in the ecosystem.

Animals that are low in the food chain, are small in size, or are likely to end up as prey are prolific breeders. This is to ensure that all things said and done, after they are hunted down as prey, starved to death, and killed for sport or food, there will be enough of them to form a stable population by the time the young ones get to maturity. It’s simply a numbers game. The predators have it different. Elephants do not have multiple births, have few predators except man, and are virtually indestructible by virtue of their great size. Elephant herd populations remain constant, and a death is quickly counterbalanced by a birth, or a pregnancy. Poachers stay away from the baby elephants, since they have no ivory to speak of. Lions, as apex predators, have few threats to their existence, (excepting man), are not that much ravaged by disease, and live long enough lives, except when cut short by poachers or other unforeseen circumstances.

Man neither gives meat nor milk nor eggs, produces nothing, and consumes everything. Man is the only creature that does not kill for food, but for sport, we have no natural predators to keep our numbers down, and the few sicknesses that spring up are rapidly fought to a standstill by advances in medicine and science. And yet man is only concerned with breeding, and in such copious numbers as to disrupt the balance of nature. Millions go hungry each day. Millions more subsist on inadequate and insufficient food supply, health services are barely enough to keep up with the exploding population, and yet, we keep breeding.

Village people just want you to have kids, irresoective of whether the wherewithal to take premium care of such children exists. If you decide not to have kids, they accuse you of having used your “blokos” for money rituals. If you decide to have just one, they will mount pressure on you and your erection, till you begin to feel as if all you were born to this earth to do was procreate, and by not doing that, you are a failure.

Now let us ask a critical question. The men of timber and caliber who push and pull in this world, how many kids do they have? The last person known to be so determined to litter the earth with his offspring was ghengis khan, and currently, one of a hundred men in the world is related to him. Google is your friend.

Obama has two kids, President Clinton has one. My point: people in high places, who are able to afford premium care for their kids, prefer not to have too many, while you, who struggles with giving the kids a proper diet, is busy procreating like you have a deadline to meet.

I said it, having children is over rated, come and beat me!


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