Covenant Uni and the Sycophancy of Followers

Pastors, Daddy GOs and Churches have defrauded a lot of Nigerians so much that don’t hesitate to bash them at any given opportunity

Yesterday a Facebooker David O. Ani posted on his wall chanting the praises of Covenant University, a university owned by David Oyedepo’s church; Winners Chapel. He wrote with picture attached [the one below]

“Covenant university in just 15 years is currently one of the best Universities in Nigeria, the best private university in Nigeria, 2nd best private university in AFRICA and by the projection of their goals, make it to to global top 10 before 2030.
They currently have about the best facility you can find in any Nigerian university.

Covenant university Engineers are instrumental to generating power that have ensured that a community of over 16,000 people have never experienced power and water outage in over a decade,in a “city” her facilities are used by HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND humans every week… Yeah, they are not on national grid.

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This over 6,000 school capacity stadium was recently delivered in line with the trail blazing ideals of the school.”

People came singing the praises of the school and commending the management;

Yuddie Princess Egwuonu exclaimed “Wow! I am impressed

Chukwudi Iwuchukwu commented “Covenant is truly different
The graduates in the market speaks class

Helen Helen chipped in

Later someone should come and tell me that their fee is expensive. If it takes high prizes to get the best, my hand is all up for them.” And David replied her “My sister, what my son paid in the last two terms is bigger than all the fees I paid in UNN for over 5 years. ….and I did not take him to very expensive ones ooo…. na KG faaa.

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Those who pay over 100k per term (that’s over 300k a year) for nursery schools are usually the ones that shouts more about universities that pay around 600k-800k university tuition.”

One Oponu general Buchi Emeka nstead of making sensible comment, came trolling church members. He oponurized “I know sey somebody go dey der d lament ….. Na my offering oooo! na him dem d use and my children no dey among…. If i hear am for ur mouth again ehhh…. You go tel me weda na ur squeez #20 na him be all dis facilities wey Oga Dave mension.”

Anozie Ebirim wasn’t going to let that slide so he attacked him “Top 10 global : hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha. They should stop smoking weed there! The annual budget of any of the top 40 universities is easily the budget of 5 states in Nigeria. This is not tithe money… No attempt at packaging the malfeasance and scam that the pentecostal movement in Nigeria is would take away the disdain some have for them. And yes, it is the money of poor members that he is using to build a family business.

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The insensitivity of your comments rankles. Denigrating the poor parishioners who squeeze in their 20 naira is the height of insensitivity. It’s the thing wrong with the crooks running the small scale business that Pentecostalism is in Nigeria” and Nonso Okey Okpala agreed with him “He lacks the ability to calculate squeezed 20 into millions.”

As the praises are landing, the criticism and attacks are following it back to back

If only the government will start doing what it’s meant to do in the first place, all this unnecessary arguments won’t be seeing the light of the day😒


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