7 Tips to Creating a Bang First Impression

First Impressions they say always stick. And good first impressions are notoriously hard to pull up. But we have it all figured out. Yeap, we’re smart like that. The aim is to be an exceptional person at every point so you won’t ever be caught off guard.

And here’s how to be exceptional in 7 easy peasy steps;


  • Be Neat

Be a neat person, don’t be that guy that shows up in a white shirt with patches of brown on the armpits or with tea stains on your shirt. And worn out shoes with peeled leather are not allowed either. Be a neat a person, I repeat. Wash your clothes, the fact that you only wore it once is not an excuse to not wash it. And shave your armpits, always wearing shirts or gowns with sleeves is not an excuse to not shave either.


  • Look Good

You don’t have to break the bank for this, just do well to pair up the little you have really well. And then, of course, make sure whatever you have on is not looking too rumpled, come on, don’t show up in clothes that look like they were there all the way from World War I through World War II. Look neat, have those shirts ironed out. Ironed shirts have a way of making people look serious and deserving of serious attention. You don’t believe? Try going out in rumpled clothes next time and see the kind of looks you’ll get. Brush your hair, lay your edges and very important-  if you know you cannot draw those brows back without looking like a clown look then don’t shave them off in the first place!


  • Smell Good

This is really important, extremely important. If you don’t smell good people will remember you as just that- the guy who did had that pungent bad smell about him. They could say “He’s smart, for a change he is one guy who really knows what feminism is about” and you can bet that they’ll be sure to add “but he had this really bad odour”. Or they could go “She’s really articulate, all her examples were really classic” but be sure they’ll definitely add “but she really needs to take a bath, she smelt awful!” Do you get it? Good, now go get yourself some deodorant.


  • Talk Good

Now it doesn’t just stop at crisp white shirts and nice smelling armpits, you have to really bring it home. People should still want to stand and converse with you after you open your mouth. You know- don’t misuse verbs and abuse pronouns and then turn around to insult adverbs. Be articulate. Speak good English or Igbo or Yoruba or Tiv, just be fluent in whatever language you are conversing with.


  • Talk Sense

Now it doesn’t just stop at knowing all the big fancy words in the dictionary, the question is this- are you actually making sense? The best way to make a really bad and lasting first impression is to go about yapping about stuff you know nothing of. Now I’m not saying you should go out and get a degree in everything, nobody likes a Know-It-All, and they like a Don’t-Know-Anything-At-All’s even less.  Here’s the easy way out- stay away from topics you don’t know anything about so you don’t end up looking like a buffoon who doesn’t know nada about nada.


  • Be Nice

You may not have the means to get nice clothes, quality scents or cute shoes but you sure can still afford to be nice. Sounds mushy right? Yea, I know but it’s true. Treat people kindly, as a matter of fact, it should be a rule. That way anyone that ever meets you will have at least one good thing to say about you. They can go “He’s such a sweet guy, but he had bad breadth sha…ayah” So you see, being nice gets people to understand and even sympathize with your other deficiencies.


  • Be cool

Don’t get clingy and all. If you’re at a party then for goodness sake do not follow people around when they clearly want to be left alone- you are not the oxygen they need to breathe. Just chill out and be yourself; your good self sha. Don’t force it, just go with the flaw and if they like you, fine. If they don’t, fine too. Abi? They are not holding the key to your destiny.


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