Dear Cinderella’s Stepmother, Forgive us For Calling You Wicked

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I was just minding my business on Instagram when I saw something! 

Of course, people don’t go to Instagram to mind their business but that’s not the point.

So, I scrolled up and down my newsfeed, liking a few pictures, awwwing over the others and ignoring those that didn’t catch my fancy.

Guess what I saw next?

A dead body!

Ogini di ihe a?

It was a child, a boy of not more than 7 years.

He was brought into a hospital, dead. This incident happened in Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria. (In fact, let me add Africa so that you do not mistake the continent) On the boy’s arms, legs, back and stomach were razor cuts, scarring whitish marks and on almost all parts of his body. No, he wasn’t playing with razor or inflicting himself with wounds. He wasn’t making incantations Nollywood style to become rich or something equally ridiculous. He wasn’t in a deliverance flog-am-koboko-till-ogbanje-commot-for –him –body session either. He just had these deep unhealed cuts all over his lifeless body.

The boy was dead.

Knowing the typical Nigerian Police, in a case of typical You-say-you-no-follow-but-you-go-still explain/pay, the father and stepmother were invited for questioning.

Police: Wetin do this boy?

Father: Ofsah, I no no. Ask him mama.

Police: Madam, wetin do this boy?

Stepmother: Excuse sah, Nothing o *insert a few crocodile tears and some Akwa-Ibom accent trying to call on god*

Police: Woman, you better start talking before I lock you up.

Stepmother: Na devil, sir. No, na man of god. Prophet talk say the boy na winch. Ever since I marry this boy papa na so so problem. I come carry am go one prophet. Prophet say na winch. If e no be winch, why him real mama drop am for my hand, mbok officer? Na the demon I dey cast comot na him I use razor and koboko to flog am. The pikin dey do like winch. I no no say him go die. Abeg, officer, na just the demons I dey try cast commot for him body, mbok. Na the confession I dey try get…

Yada yada yada!



I don’t think I belong in this country. I don’t think I should share the same space with people that reason like this. In fact, this world is not my home. A nation where children are branded witches and prophets are seen as God the great-grandfather. What kind of disaster has the Nigerian religious folk enmeshed themselves in? A “prophet” said what?

Are. You. Well?

This country has refused to get her priorities right.

Recall the case of Hope, the child that was branded a witch abi wizard in the same Akwa-Ibom state. This three year old boy was left hungry, naked and sleeping in the bins! It took the intervention of a Danish social worker who lived in Nigeria to rescue this boy from being devoured by wild animals. She picked him up, nursed him and fed him fat. My dear tatafo lovers, you will not believe what this baby looks like now. He is well fed, normal and the verge of getting two passports!

Who is the witch, now?

Oh, let me complete the gist for you. The Danish worker was branded a maami wota (they probably thought her tattoos were the mark of the beast. Nigerian Christians reading the bible upside down since 1884!)and she was branded a witch trying to save one of her agents.


What did I say about this country not being my home again?

Back to our story!

I hope the prophet, the father, the biological mother who left her child in the hands of an illogical father and wicked stepmother are locked up for a long time. Who knew Cinderella’s step mother was a learner?  Even Cinderella’s step mother was not this wicked! I hope justice is served for this young boy and for children suffering in different forms of captivity.

Oh…I think another set of people should be arrested…the members of that Prophet’s church…

A di amama!

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