Dear Kidnappers, Please Allow Us to Enjoy the Fruit of our Labor

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Ike gwuru o!

Atink it was 2face that has a song with this title “Ihe n’eme!?” 

Nnaa men, Ihe n’eme especially in Obodo Nigeria.  We can no longer drink and keep cup in this country. If it’s not the real kidnappers taking kids and adults alike, it is the “fake’ kidnappers “inviting” people for ‘questioning’ and detaining them illegally. A few weeks ago, it was Audu Maikori (please see my previous posts. I talked exhaustively on this subject) who was invited by the DSS for making “inciting” tweets about the Southern Kaduna killings. He was released on bail but last week, he was re-arrested and as the time of this post, he is still in the custody of the DSS. Yesterday, it was Kemi Olunloyo who alleged that the PH Police bundled her for questioning after she made a post on the alleged affair between Iyabo Ojo and a Pastor Ibimoye.

That kind of “kidnapping” is not the focus of my gist today. The “real life” kidnapping is. In past weeks, there have series of kidnapping cases to the extent that even adults are no longer safe.

I remember a personal incident. There was a time I got home and mom was worried. She kept answering calls and saying “o gini ka ha choro?” “Ego ole?” When she finished with her call, she turned to me and said “They have kidnapped Father Nonso. They need 100 million.”

“100 million, I asked her. Where is the church going to raise 100 million from? Are we really going to pay 100 million?”

“He concluded a crusade some days ago so they think the church should be able to bail one of their own with 100 million”

“Na wa, o. So the church will cough out 100 million and give to people who just demand?”

“I don’t know yet. No word from the bishop”.

A couple of days later, the priest was released. No one told us if any amount was paid or if he was set free. The church prayed and made their decision. I do not know if they paid the sum. It is highly unlikely that they paid the sum, though.

A few days ago, a Bauchi blogger named AbdulRaheem Bauchi was kidnapped. Whether this kidnap stemmed from his writings or his blogging, I really cannot say. The information we have is that he was kidnapped and found dead a few weeks to his wedding.  A promising young man…snuffed out like that! So sad.

Three days ago, a popular kidnapper named King Solomon was nabbed. Some of us may have read his exploits in the news. This is a man who was alleged to have been responsible for the kidnaps in the Festac area. For those who know Festac very well, we know how kidnappers will not allow people to drink water and drop cup in that area. I mean, why will someone else not allow a fellow human being enjoy the fruits of his or her labor?  I can imagine sweating for ages to make some kind of living and at the day, someone comes from nowhere, kidnaps me on my way from a party and demands my family pay a ransom of 50 million naira that even I may not have even if I approach Dangote himself. Remember that case of a Custom officer who was abducted in front of her house on her way to one owanbe like that? She was in front of her children! Imagine being decked out in the lasts asoebi to go and chop better amala and ewedu at one party. Imagine chatting with your grown daughters and then suddenly, a car pulls out of nowhere and bundles you inside. Do you know the emotional damages this may cause the children? What of the Pastor that was kidnapped after his service? The students from Nigerian –Turkish International School who were asked to pay 10 million naira, nko? What of the traders at Trade Fair who probably didn’t sell up to 50 naira market that day?

When will kidnappers learn that Nigerians are human like them, with goals, dreams, and aspirations? Aren’t we all stuck in this unfortunate economic mess?

Biko, gbaanu brake!


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