Dear Masses, Being Poor is Not an Excuse

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Today, I am on my lawyer Ikpe-ama outfit so anything I say or do shall not be used against me in a court of law. I have a message for the masses. By masses, I means those of us living below two dollars a day. If you are eating at least three square meals daily and even four or sometimes five, please don’t come here o! Your own case will be judged in the Keto Diet court.

I was just minding my business as usual. You know how I pretend to mind my business but deep down, you and I know that I am not really minding my business? Don’t judge me please. I have to say it like it is.

In the process of “minding my business”, I came across an update. Three nw’ogbenye siblings were arrested! Poor people! “Innocent traders”. Arrested? For what, kwanu?

They were caught selling beans preserved with sniper! Sniper? As per tusa tusa? Obara Emma!

Nna men!

So wait, let me get this straight. Because you are a “masses”, you think that gives you the right to do what is wrong? Eh kwa? I ga-aburu ogbenye buru amosu? Will you be poor and still be a winch? Pick a hustle! How can a normal human being (a sane one at that preserve beans with insecticide?)

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See eh, let me not lie. I knew of this practice as at five years ago. A beans seller told a friend who told a friend, who told me. The news is supposed to be hush hush among “civilians” (people who eat beans but do not sell beans) and it has been going on for a very long while. The beans seller said that sniper is used to prevent moths from eating the beans. This is how they do it; they get big tins of industrial sniper and soak the bags in it. When the bag is dry, they pour beans into it and reseal.

Chi m o!

In the words of Zebrudaya “Are you seeing what I am saw?”

We all understand how hard the economy is but I highly suspect that this has nothing to do with the economy but individuals who are greedy, unfeeling and highly uneducated.  Do you guys know what Sniper is? Industrial bleach! You can’t even stand the smell and then a trader is soaking it in beans? Wow! If this is not wickedness, I don’t know what is. With the amount of cancer, liver and kidney problems in this country, some people are still concerned about the amount of money they will make!

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Ike gwuru!

The three traders that were arrested live in Lagos. I’m not going to mention their state or tribe but deep down, you and I know their tribe. They were arrested by the police when a woman panicked and alerted the Police. (May God not give you nosy neighbors!) The police landed immediately (they will not land immediately in robbery cases o. If it is to arrest people without guns, they will rush) and searched the shop. Some bottles of sniper were found in the shop and immediately, the traders were bundled by the Nigerian police. When asked, the traders said that they learnt the method in the North from a man who supplied beans in bulk to them.

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Men, I’m just tired. When has being poor ever been an excuse to do what is wrong? I know this is just a case of “na person wey dem catch naim be thief” but either way, this is the reality we face in Nigeria. We blame the government for any wrong doing yet in our own little koro we still do what is wrong. Do you know how damaging sniper can be to the kidneys and liver? No wonder these cases are rampant these days! In the days of our fathers, when farming was done by hand, things were usually gotten fresh from the soil. No preservatives, no chemicals! Some of them are over 80 yet they still ride bicycles to the farm. Nowadays, a 30-year old city man has started complaining of back ache and HBP associated with surviving in the city.

At first it was Coke and now, beans?

Biko, where is the fastest route to America by bus?

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