Dear Side Guy,

Who else noticed what women are doing to guys these days on Facebook? They are turning the freaking table around them! I be think say na only Nkechi Bianze dey terrorize them, now other women are joining and the thing is doing me totoriri???

Ifediba Oluchi Anne wrote “Open Letter To The Side Guys, Thank You For The Amazing Sex


Dear Side Guy,

Thank you for preserving so many marriages. Thank you for keeping us company and providing us with emotional attention our husbands deny us.

You see, giving birth to children takes it toll on our bodies. Our husbands stop finding us attractive afterwards. They complain of our fat bodies and slackened pussy. They say our tummy rolls prevent sex and our vagina is too ugly to be eaten. We are forced to channel our energy on our little ones and hope to get the emotional warmth our husbands have denied us from them.

We go so long without sex that we forget what being held by a man feels like.

So thank you for not minding our rolls or vagina. Thank you for making us feel loved and   eating us out without hesitation. Thank you for not expecting us to twerk for you or dress seductively. Thank you for understanding that there comes a time in life where things like twerking or applying too much makeup feels like a chore. Our husbands fail to realize that we are no longer youths. They expect too much from us without giving anything in return.

Society tells us that we are supposed to do anything we can to keep our husbands interested. They tell us to learn how to twerk, apply make up and do crazy sex fetishes to keep him excited. No one talks about what our men should do to keep us interested so thank you for taking that into consideration side guy.

See, without you in our lives, we would have been sad and depressed. Our marriages would have ended a long time ago. You are the only reason why our husbands come home to meet us happy and always in the mood to welcome them.

You’ve been saving lives since 1990 but havent gotten the recognition for it. Our husbands should thank you everyday.”

As usual men are dancing Awilo Longomba on the posts, cursing and preaching to the girl.

Junior Marfia Corazon commented “GOD FORBID. YOU ARE INDEED AN AGENT OF LUCIFER”

Spence Dash commented “You have sold your soul to the devil indeed. May God help your life”

Of course Women are backing her up??Ogochukwu Ezeugwu – Malachy commented “The reality in many families! Oga will be busy destroying the wives esteem while looking for who to slay/twerk for him. One sharp university bobo will be busy building the esteem up while breaking dancing for madam.

Poster you did a good job! You captured everything perfectly. Let Nigerian cheaters association keep deceiving themselves..”

Even Nkechi Bianze weh dey terrorize them concurred “Hahahahaha, I need to share this on my wall. Anything to get them angry… anything at all. I like this girl jooor.?”

Ifeoma Lawal told the poster “I love you already poster.”

Umunwoke make una holon, women are coming for una?

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