Democracy day Celebrations

As a chinked better sombori, I know I no suppose dey curse but e get as things go reach eeh, you drop better sombori one side and curse the curse biko?


What is it with people and ‘Oponurizing’? As in people go see say dey no get any better thing to contribute for a post, instead of borrowing common sense and wakaring away, dey will rather open mouth and yarn correct opata?


Two days ago was Democracy day celebration for this zone (demofaya, very scamious something?) People were dashing Grandpa Bu several report cards (as per 2years in office kini nau), the report cards shaa, na F9 full there??

Social media political activist decided to air his views, He wrote “Two years after the baton of power changed, I dare say it has been mostly regret.


A nation divided like never before.


An economy in tatters.


An absentee President whose presidency’s modus operandi is mostly smokes and mirrors.


At least, now we know it takes more than just personal honesty to pilot the affairs of a nation.


About the only thing left, is that precedent that the Nigerian people can indeed change a government as they did in 2015.


Hopefully, that precedent should ensure Buhari does not return in 2019, should health allow him to contest (which I strongly doubt) or any of his minions fall under the delusion that he can contest despite illness.


That said, let us locate whatever modest success he has recorded (even the worst governments have their achievements) and make sure we consolidate them for whatever they are worth.

That is the only way nations grow.”


One Oponu brother Sofowora Tobi, chose that time to misyarn. Armed with a truckload of nsigheri, he commented “Buhari is still the best thing that happened to Nigeria.If not we would have gone the Venezuelan way”

Well since he miss road misyarn, hangry Naija shildren weh this ‘scamious’ government pepper body still dey do, comot im clothes baff am wella??

Armed with facts, Dozzy Blu educated him “Nigeria and Venezuela have bo bases for comparison

I hate when people love the mess they are in

Nigeria is in a mess and oga you are comfortable with it!” Oponu Sowo resorted “How do they not have the same basis for caparison? Both of them get most of their forex from crude. Some of us don’t suffer from selective amnesia you know? At this time if we had continued with the last administration we would have been worse than Venezuela and Syria put together. Remember we were borrowing to pay salaries”

Dozzy Blu fired at him “Can you prove that statement? “Borrowing to pay salaries ”

Yet PMB saw money to dash out all in the name of bail outs where did those money come from.

He generated that  within weeks in office without ministers? You hate saying the truth sir .Am sorry to tell you this”

Yong Emeka asked him “Are we even better than Syria and Venezuela ????????

The price of everything is now times two or more..

Salaries are not paid.

Unemployment is on the rise.


New tangible structures are not built.”


Rather to listen and learn like better person, brother still chanted “Were you sleeping when over 25 states were owing salaries before Buhari came or did you travel when they were borrowing to cover recurrent expenditure? And really do you build tangible structures overnight or can you say you are not aware of construction works going on all over the place?”

Na im Jolayemi Babajide cajoled him “Hmmmm, and this guy finished from my OAU, make I cover face in shame” (lmao?)


He kept ranting and they kept firing him (with insults but he deserve am…small shaa?)


(Please insert the screen grabs here, the one that bolaji posted a meme first, then the one chidimma emeziem said too)


One unkle felt pity for him and decided to commended him “Hmmmm Sofowora Tobi might have goofed right there but then, I will love to cut him some slacks for not returning any insult. And that I believe is a sign of maturity in this particular regard. An arrogant olodo will return the insults and turn this thread toxic with derogatory comments. But he chose to swallow the insults and subtly followed through with his line of argument.

Kudos!” (Eeh, we haf hear o???)


Some people were registering their outright disgust for Grandpa Bu while wondering why any sane person would even defend him in the first place.. 

Other people like him also lent their voices, they were singing like robots the goodness of their PMB..


Mbok they should thank their stars that my days of vexperhood haf pas, if not na E-slap I for tear all of them one by one till they stop oponurizing?

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