Men can shaa lament, as in they can like to wail unnecessarily. A Facebook Ada Obi asked Men what they want in a woman and they listed all their ‘ogologo’ list without women attacking and telling them their numerous wants are unattainable or senseless


Ngwanu Ada in spirit of solidarity asked the women same question, she wrote ” For ladies only. What is the most important thing about a man that will make you or made you marry him.?”


Women were listing their own list of qualities jejely just like the guys did

Lioness Chilaka commented “Honesty!


The number 1 reason I’m not married yet..???”

One brother Earl Blossom asked her “Is that really all that matters to you , honesty?” And she replied him “The 1 thing that matters most that nobody is willing to bring to the table..must be really special for them to be so stingy with it the way they yeah, it’s all that matters!??”

Then the unkle wanted to ply the same lame route all them spineless men usually ply “Question is can you really handle the truth in some cases? Sometimes we Men lie to compromise, to save our partners the bruises , ‘better safe, than sober’  I don’t know if you understand where am driving at.”

And Lioness educated him properly “I do..and yeah, someone who can’t handle truth can’t be obsessed with it! And that lame excuse men give for lying is funny. Do u sit n imagine the kinda deep cut( not just bruise) ur partner would experience when she finally finds out the truth after the lies? Oh please! Tell me something more convincing..cos that’s like saying “i cut u with the knife instead of shooting u wit the gun cos i don’t want u to bleed! ”


Princess Chelsea commented “Character, good looks, money, God fearing”


Obiefule Amarachi commented “Great character, respectful,empathic, experienced in matters of the mind and BODY ???? and as tolerant as I am.”


So many women were commenting and declaring what they want


Fiam! Out from nowhere, ‘umu ogwugwu oge’ chill less somboris with no drop of chineke in them came attacking. They do eye like say dem no read where they said “Ladies only” hian!


Their chief lamentator Nnamdi Agozie lamented “Some girls don’t have a career no education just one make up box, iPhone 4 and two mini skirt but need a man tall dark handsome and rich.. Now kneel down lemme pray for you to get sense” his fellow busybody guys were hailing him. Nski Bernie commended him “Baba u see clearly…MONEY FOLLOW YOU..”

Ibanga Joseph chanted “One bottle of kunu and a plate of dogmeat for you bro”

Chibuzo Chizon said “Somebody give that guy a cold stout”

The females weren’t having it either, Peace Rivers commented “I see some transgender in here.” (Lmao! As in! You know this?)

Amalachukwu Obodozie told him “This has nothing to do with the question the poster asked. Big op” (as in eeh, na Oponu general he be?)

Another Wailer, Oponu secretary Ibanga Joseph chanted “Even confaam ashawos would still be typing ‘God fearing and character’

Wetin we no go see? Obiefule Amarachi asked him “So because one is a prostitute,one shouldn’t ask for a believer? Who are you to tell women what to choose?” He replied “Madam, a prostitute is different from an Ashawo” and Amara cajoled him “Oh you sound really smart.” (As in, iti akwu?)


They kept wailing upandan like say them miss road 


At a point the females started attacking themselves too, nawa? 


The thing became so annoying that the women went on a full blown attacking mode on them (even one guy like that lent his voice and dey finished him?) 

Some men eeh, dey no just follow sha sha. Tueh!?



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  1. Viv

    That Adaobi Lady is silly. Say your own and don’t classify others. Reason why men keep looking down on women. Mtcheew

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