Mouth Diarrhoea is a Sin

Remember that woman weh get diarrhoea for mouth? The one weh dey chant saynotosingleparenting? People don dey scatter am from all angles, I hope say she get bulletproof body cause she don go kpatara nku ahuhu. Even people weh follow am chant are not left out in the finishing.


Daisy Ify sent her to the cleaners, she wrote “#SayNoToSingleParenting


The hashtag above happens when……….


When a Nigerian  woman (the archetypal Christian mother) suffering from delusions of grandeur, emanating from her utmost believe that her life is perfect because……’husband and kids’ wakes up in the morning with her mind slightly befuddled by too little a coupling, decides to insult our collective intelligence.


She went on to say that her widowed mother SINGLE handedly raised her and her 5 siblings but her mother is not a single parent because the pictures and clothes of her father were in their house!??????.


Dear Nigerians camping on her wall and getting their knickers in twists, can’t you all see that this person is cray cray from the toxic mix of cultural bullshits and religious fucktadry she had been fed all her life.


How many people wake up in the morning and decide to be a single parent?


And even if they do decide on their own… it your single parenting?


The issue of single parenting has a lot of grey areas around it. It is not something to dabble into just because you think you have all the answers!

Leave single parents alone.



Olufunke Philips used mortar and pestle to pound am “When I say I really can’t be bothered if my children decide to get married or not, people will start kabashing on their behalf that they MUST MARRY BY FORCE.


If they decide to, great. If they decide not to, fine. I honestly wont lose sleep over it. As long as they remain happy.


Imagine if I had sons and they decide to get married to stupid specimens like that Floxy or Jennie, I’ll also be happy that my children got married, abi?

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Being single is not a crime.


But being chronically stupid is a crime that should be punishable by life in prison or stuck in a cage somewhere in the middle of the desert.


It rankles that these women breathe the same oxygen I breathe.


I feel offended. The nerve. The bloody nerve.”


Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Ibeh posted “Julesville Omalicha abeg  go and hold that your craze sister Floxy with her nonsense  #SayNoToSingleParenthood  before she go mad enter market ooh!”


Mama-Kamsi Chilaka buried her completely ”

*long post alert*


U see, witchcraft is not only when someone flies with broom or turn to cat at night. Witchcraft is when ur happiness becomes someone else’s annoyance, without u even being aware. Envy. Jealousy. Hate. And so on are all signs of witchcraft.


U see all these frustrated and bitter “married” women shaming single mothers? Plz pray for them. They are just angry someone is experiencing peace of mind and happiness they can’t feel in their horsebands houses. Hence the best they could come up with is to start a harshtag saying #saynotosinglemothers abi how dem take talk am sef?


Oh i pity those fools. I perfectly understand their frustrations. But I’ve chosen not to ignore them this time. U shame single mothers u don’t even know their stories? Ur level of madness has gone beyond repairs. How many  of u orgasm-starved bitches can raise a child better than a reasonable single mum? U think it’s about ur kid/kids seeing a man and a woman in d house everyday, with no smiles on their faces.. With no form of chemistry to show they are united..with violence n abuse going on everyday..some of y’all chop punches like 3 square meals everyday.. And u can’t leave bcos ur validity starts n ends on ur marriage certificate. Raising saddists and bullies of children out there and u wanna shame single mums?

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Have u seen my daughter? Oh I guess not. Plz someone should tag whoever started that “say no to single mums” bullshits to my page. My posts n pics are public. Let em take a peep and then go and take a seat very far in hell. Have ur kids seen u smile? Oh of cos, only when u’re gossiping with your fellow frustrated mad married women. They never see you smile genuinely with daddy. They don’t understand there’s a thing called HAPPINESS. Cos they never experienced it with you.


U’ll stay month to month, year to year, without ur horseband touching u. Conji will now take over ur sense of reasoning, and u’ll come on social media to start spitting rubbish. Madam goan nyuo something first..grab an orgasm. When u’re done, ur sense go come back. U no go dey yarn okpata. Women should remain in abusive relationships/ marriages bcos to u, the child/children need both parents to exist. U are mad. Infact, I need to have a word with these women. I need to make them understand that not all adults enjoy frustration, so they shouldn’t envy n talk down on those that are free from the pains they chose to maintain.


My child is happy. My child has morals already. My child is queening. I can starve, but my child can never and will never starve. My child understands the meaning of life and love more than the children being raised by these idiots that feel life starts and ends in answering someone else’s surname. These fools forget that horseband can wake up and vanish tomorrow. Horseband can even die tomorrow (God forbid) but wat happens then? When the horseband is nowhere to be found? Will they change the children’s surnames to that of a cow and move in wit a cow? Bcos they can’t be single mothers? Ayam not understanding at all.


It’s no typo, women that are married to HUSBANDS don’t go about shaming single mothers. Na di idiots wey marry HORSEBANDS dey wan distract n decieve themselves on social media by shaming single mothers. Madam, we understand ur pain. U still hav time to be happy. No be we cause your bitterness. No transfer am to us. Focus on yourself and your children. Teach them to be happy within themselves, so they can be happy for other people’s happiness. If u must trend a harshtag, something like saying no to no-sex from ur horsebands for months n years, no to lack of orgasms, no to verbal n physical abuse in ur prison yards, sorry, ur marriages, no to lack of happiness in ur homes, etc.. Would be more sensible. Than saying no to single mothers. Senseless objects wit boobs n pussies. Mtscheeww! I am A SINGLE MOTHER! and I’m so fucking proud to be one. I’m pregnant with twins now sef.. So that will make them 3. Owee gi iwe, itinye isi n’otelle okuko! (In phyno’s voice) Shame single mothers all u want, na social media u go try am. Jam me for road try am face to face, make i cure ur madness. Anuohia!?

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To all the single mothers out there, I’m so proud of y’all. Y’all are doing amazing jobs. Pay no attentions to these idiots tryna grab fames on social media. Dem wan use una shine, but y’all are slayers. So SLAY MORE AND KEEP SLAYING. Give your lil ones the best, U’re never gonna regret it. Y’all shall reap the fruits of your labours someday! Rock your crowns unapologetically my QUEENS! Keep ruling your world biko! ? If anyone tries to shame you, wish them speedy recovery..cos dem no well.

*drops myc & sips palmie*”

(Chim o????)


In fact people are calling for her head all over Facebook, shebi she wan trend? Osu gonu!


Me ayam here smh my head vigorously at her and praying she receives sense fas fas and takes something for mouth diarrhea ASAP!??


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