DNA Wahalla! Ugly Cases of Paternity Ownership.

Asiri lovers abeg make una come, i wan do small Amebo plus ask an important queshure. Who among you is a certified laboratory scientist? Na you and Genetics Doctor fit answer this my queshure and till una answer me, i wee assume wetin I just read for that thread na either lies or biggie biggie exaggeration?


Since yesternight, na DNA test kini dey reign on here (ayam appy eez nuh Biafra again o?). Na from Ben Victor wall e from start, Ogbeni posted a message he got from one Abroadian man that’s a member of his ‘ila otu’ group. The man was suspecting that his kids ain’t his so he was asking for suggestions of good hospitals where he can get DNA test done on them. Na so one woman begin threaten Victor with fake akant, they warn am say she go deal with am if her husband (who is one of Victor’s ardent readers) ever ask for her kid’s DNA because he read that kinda stuff on his wall(inukwa m echichi o?)

Na im men begin vex anyhow, dey chant say they want DNA test. Before we could say vum, Facebook was littered with DNA posts (we be correct ‘omuta ogbakaria’ for this zone eeh?), all man were dishing out their opinions about DNA. Most women were against getting the test (what are you people hiding eeh), while men dey raise hell say they want am by fire by thunder

So a Facebooker Ada Obi, decided to ask this on her wall “Is it right for a husband to suddenly demand for DNA tests on all his kids?”


The Nay and Yay were at it, arguing back and forth. I was reading through the arguments till my eyes caught one comment made by one hanty like that, Rachie Amieluv. She said “Ada Obi

I personally know a woman who has 4kids and all of them are not for her husband..


So when rumours started flying around that the kids aren’t for her legal husband, he demanded a DNA test..


Lo and behold, she confidently accepted, When they got to the hospital she handed over a small note to the lab technician which reads..


Pls Save my home, and tell my husband the kids are his “..Name your price..


That was how the man was believed to agree the kids are his, and she really ripped him off his wealth afterwards for doubting her.. They are super RICH!!


Don’t joke with a desperate woman.” Ada replied her “I just told them oo

Family all about blood…

And living peacefully after DNA is the main dish…

Weather good or bad ..????”

Julius king asked her “Rachie, u kidding right? I mean by this story…”

Darego Ekine preached “my dear i know she took a wrong step but if i be the man! i for calmly ask her! babe make we talk! i no go too vex! how e take happen? women can be tamed! u can bring out the truth from them any time as long as they love u no matter how desperate they look! everywoman loves a home she controls! she will calmly explain how e happen n why she no wan waste her marriage! most women do this for few good reasons altho sometimes its not smart if u dont let the man know after the first child that he cant impregnate a woman!”

Rachie replied them “I am not kidding anyway..

True life story!

And she would always tell you, if you like go and tell my husband, the kids aren’t his, he would put you behind bars!

Lmao! I call her smart assbitch!” (Indeed! Umu Nwanyi ekekwa si chinye unu o…had to speak this Igbo, this one pass me fa?)

Austyn Nwoye agreed with her “You can see what the man subjected himself to,he had a wrong shot and the family won’t ever be the same,if anything go wrong she would remind the kids this man was about to reject you ooo,and plant suspicious spirit in the kids,they wont ever trust their spouses.”

Nsikak Effiong asked a valid question “Wait! Is the man impotent? All 4 not his?”

Rachie replied her “Nsikak Effiong

I don’t think he’s impotent..


He’s not always in the country.

So whenever she takes in, she lures the man to make love to her as many times as possible before leaving the country..


But should incase she gets pregnant and he’s not in town, she gets rid of it..


She’s this manipulative type.. She really has her husband tied to her apron string.” (Tueh! Aru!?)

Chidosky Ladosky chanted in anger “That hospital is a quack one there are very few places you can do DNA in Nigeria and those places you don’t get to see the scientists who perform the test”

Julius king concurred with him “Not just an apron string my dear..there’s more to it than meets the eye and very soon she will meet her waterloo.. what nonsense and cultural wickedness”

Rachie resorted “Chidosky Ladosky

Big Fat Lie!

A counselling session happens before the test is done, and both spouse must sign and agree to the process..


No be mie -mie test o

It involves drawing fluid from the spinal cord of the kids and the Dad’s..


There’s high risk of spinal cord injury if not properly done..


Money speaks Oga!”

Peter Chime Inyamah said “I will not even go for DNA test with my wife”

Buchi Stein Emezue asked her “”The beautiful and sweetest part of the story is that the kids all have her looks…”

So you see nothing wrong in this story you just told” (as in! Chayee??)

She ranted “Buchi Stein Emezue

How does it affect me..

Is that the problem Nigeria is facing?” She further said “All this people saying they won’t go with their wife, or intend doing it secretly.. E no go work o, stop deceiving yourself..


The doctor would need a go ahead and consented signature of the husband and wife..


Per child goes for 450-480k, DNA is for the SuperRich !


So you would need to think deep before dashing money out..

As long as the child is not  a problem child!

Fuck DNA test!” (Eeh! You people play too much o?)


Buchi replied her “DNA test is between 115k or 200k at most”

Ada chipped in “Buchi…She’s right…

DNA .is of that amount and above Nnam..”


Armed with facts, Chidosky corrected her “Rachie AmieLuv there you lie DNA test has nothing to do with spinal cord biko. You use swab stick to collect buccal samples. It’s a painless procedure. Even a strand of hair can be used. My friend worked with pathcare.  It only needs amplification. Don’t lie pls. For your information a lab in kaduna do it comfortably with 75k. Pathcare do it with less than 200k. Lahor laboratory in Benin does it cheaper”


Buchi couldn’t wrap his head around it, so he asked her “DNA up to 400k? What are you people saying? DNA test no dey pass 200k. Stop putting fears into people. They deserve to know whether a child is theirs or not”


Armed with nothing apart from here say from the so called woman friend of hers, she laughed “Chidosky Ladosky

Lmao ???

Google it pls!

Swab ko,Cotton wool ni.

The one u use Swab to collect from the mouth is not 30% correct not to talk of 100%.

The main DNA is fluid collection from the spinal cord!

Go and read up!”


Julius king tried to play advocate weh dey no send am, he chanted “Guys, Guys, she’s not the woman in the story that did the deed…why the relentless and spiteful & vengeful attacks na..person no dey network with Nigerians again? abi una dey put una selves inside the shoes of the victim (man)?” (Yet to find where she was attacked shaa?)


She vented “Chidosky Ladosky


OK na cheap one u de find be that..

No wonder!

You never ready to determine If the kids are truly urs..

Your can go ahead with ur cheap test.”


They kept on arguing and speaking biggy biggy grammar


Me I don carry my slippers tear race come here  to give una the tori and ask them Laboratory scientists and Genetics doctors in the house whether na true say spinal fluid is used to run DNA tests because to the best of my knowledge, that fluid is sterile and why risk a paralysis when you can use other methods?


Amadioha parakwa tulee this exaggeration abi na lie sef??


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