Do You Know Adeyinka Grandson?

Okay, this is getting out of hand. Adeyinka Grandson have turned to public nuisance, who else is tired of him and his malicious lies? He just returned from his 24hrs ban, we thought he would have learnt a thing or two but nope he is oozing of hatred still. 

Now he is on a smear campaign against Nkechi Bianze and female Igbo feminists. He wrote “The post below was reported to Facebook as a spam by Nkechi Bianze, the queen of home wreckers and her followers. The post was thereafter taken down by Facebook while my Facebook Profile was blocked for 24 hours. I am, however, re-posting it here again because it isn’t a spam, merely a statement of fact about Nkechi Bianze.

It is absolutely typical for feminists to hate their mothers-in-law.

We can already appreciate that there is something very special between boys and their mothers. A feminist who dares to marry another woman’s son maybe so awful because she has stolen the mother-in-law’s son. It is what happens to so many feminists who professed equality at home when they marry another woman’s son.

Nkechi Bianze’s experience will be familiar to millions of feminists. Bianze is an Igbo, and the most vocal of all single mothers and unmarried Igbo women in social media encouraging young Igbo lass to have multiple sex partners and not to cook for their husbands.

When Nkechi Bianze’s mother-in-law came to see her a few years ago, she disregards feminist sympathies when it comes to her son. Nkechi feel judged and pressured by her mother-in-law. She thinks the woman was trying to suppress her career.

The mother-in-law quickly discovered she had nothing in common with her except that they both loved her son. When Nkechi continues to disregard anything the mother-in-law does which contradicts her views and ambitious career woman who doesn’t put her husband first, she was chased out of her matrimonial home by her mother-in-law, who asked her to return to her father’s house to continue in her feminism.

Instead, she is all over the social media disparaging men and marriage in the name of feminism. She heads a group of Igbo women who are anti-marriage on social media.

What she and her followers don’t know is that when you marry, you often don’t realise that you are not just marrying the man you love, but also his mother. And others-in-law hate feminists.

Note: This post was first posted on 14/03/17, but deleted by Facebook on the request of Nkechi Bianze.”

I actually said for him, he needs immediate help. As in ASAP! The thing have gotten to so bad that his fellie guys are cautioning him to take it and cease the unnecessary beefs but he refused. Ugonna Ufere posted and tagged him to a post, he wrote: “Whenever I see Adeyinka Grandson’s updates on select ladies whom he terms as “frustrated” “single Igbo mothers”, I can’t help but feel he might be misguided. Even worse is the males that endorse his fallacious hate ridden posts whom I equally feel a measure of pity for.

When you attack women from a certain tribe based on their desire to aspire and enjoy equal opportunities, then you should get ready to fight all women…whether feminist, Igbo, Yoruba, Kanuri, Bini, Efik, married, divorced, separated or invalid. These women aren’t stupid and the fact that they may disagree politically doesn’t  mean they will do so on an issue that stares them in the face daily…One that they believe in and is gradually becoming a movement with great influence.

You can’t win this battle. Just apologise, kiss and make up with them. They are that magnanimous. Looking beyond the whole drama, the real threat are those that urge him on without telling him the truth. Those are the ones I’m in awe of…and I fear them too”

Even Akaninyene Bernard Ubom that used to crush on Nkechi before they fell out, based Adeyinka too. He wrote “Adeyinka get a life! Nkechi Bianze is not your class, would never be. She is not your type. And to all those believing this gibberish put up here, you are as pathetic as your friend, Adeyinka. If it tickles you to disparage and defame a very intelligent and hardworking young woman, whose only obvious crime is being confident about her views, ideas, philosophies and opinions, then you obviously need psychiatric evaluation. This is just an all-time low I must say.”

( let me divert small abeg, am sure this will earn Akaninyene some mega points in the good books of Nkechi but seriously, that was so nice of him defending her former friend like that)

Erhen, back to my gist jare. Another Facebooker Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Ibeh landed him a sucker punch, she commented “Adeyinka Assuming I don’t need to tell you your woes, do I? After you have failed as a husband and father, you try to shame Nkechi Bianze??? Excuse sah, go and take your multivitamins!!!

Oga inugonu ya o, do us a huge favour and locate ya vitamins ASAP!

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