Do You Know Uzoamaka Doris?

Do you know Uzoamaka Doris Aniunoh? The beautiful feminist that calls herself a Goddess? Babe been keeping guys on their toes these days, all she needs to do is to make a post and vuum! They will start quoting scriptures and Apostle Paul.

The other day she wrote “Good night, world people. This goddess will not be stressed. The gods will not agree. They have therefore asked me to remove tiny obstacles from the way, and create room for humans with hearts and minds that’ll move the kingdom forward. So tomorrow, those devils who quoted Leviticus and the likes, where their god said women should never be in a place of authority, they should be silent. The ones who said that their god who condoned rape had his reasons for condoning rape. The ones who said that I need spiritual eyes to read an English bible, bikonu. Why not write the Bible in tongues, ka owee anyi anya? You will leave The Goddess’ Facebook echi. If you ask who I epp, the gods will shut your mouth for me. If you upset me too much, odizia permanent. My sanity di mkpa. If you must argue, usekene logic. Don’t tell me the Bible said because if we start with what Bible said, na you go run. Mana, echi ka o ya di mee. I need friends who can disagree with me with reasonable reason. Oburo ndi ‘read Leviticus’ with one side of the mouth and with the other side fa asi ‘Old Testament was under the law, we’re no longer governed by those laws.’Peace be unto ndi nwelu ubulu. Kachifonu.”


Na so she take dangle bait and these men took it hook, line and sinker ???

Emmanuel Udeagha for the Brother Paul’s message Enforcers group (even though he no dey there when bro P was messaging the Jews o???) commented “Proverb 14 :12 a way mighty seeth good unto a man but its end is destruction.

Isaiah 55:8 for my thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways.

Something’s can never be changed,a woman is a woman and a man is man God Almighty created both and they are good before Him,they have there natural roles in this life and the life to come.

Jehovah God created them in His image and likeness and made man the head but allowed him to be controlled by his woman with a great passion for her.”

Na im Chukwuebuke Oluwatobiloba Kaduna reply am “Nna read this your comment again… In what way does it make sense?!.. Ufodu ndi facebook a ehn, your comments make me question your certificates?! Jeez!. Even your God ain’t proud of you right now!… She’s smacking her forehead at this crap you put down!.. Even if your bible subjugates women, does it make sense to you????…. Were you birthed by a man?!.. You came out of a vagina yet you sound like this!.. How religion makes people daft still beats me! How humans can comfortably make the female gender seem inferior with the nonsense they quote from the Bible still beats me!.. And I’m sure you break 11 out of the ten commandments, but when it comes to women, you quote the part that suits you!.. Did your bible skip Galatians 3:28???…Your hypocrisy stinks to high heavens!”

This irked Udeagha and he replied “Ndi mmadu! You can never please them no matter how hard you try but the truth must be preached always whether they accept it or not.”

Muyiwa Williams in support of Udeagha told Kaduna “kaduna, pls listen to youreself..though that might be difficult just debase yourself and instead embarrasing ideal women outhere..see your comments spiked with abuse and insults all over..and in this public space…i cant agree less with the other gentlemen of your state of confusion”

Maame Awereba replied “You will quote archaic ancient laws to subjugate women. Why don’t you obey the Bible when it says you should not mix fabrics? The same Bible that says ejaculate outside the vagina is wrong. All these ones are claiming to be intelligent.”

Ladies and Gents na so dem dey do kpankpangolo for their till comment reach 100 and something o??????

Me I wan ask, who knows when Ichie Zucker wee invent real life e-slap? I fit finish my own within 1 hour and apply for more???


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