Doc dares Marian “I give you 24hrs to provide evidence”

The thing Marian and co did to Oga doc pain am die, he couldn’t take it again so he rebutted on his wall.

He lamented

“Dear friends,

In the early hours of this morning,I made an update calling a few silly girls of South Eastern origin out for stereo-typing men of Igbo origin with the crime of RAPE.

I supported the allegations with EVIDENCE, so NOBODY would say I had made an unfounded allegation.

I went to work, only to find the update had been deleted by facebook.

I decided to leave it at that, only to find counter-allegations levelled against me by those I accused with PROOF.

The allegations are


  1. That I am a PIG ( a pig that writes better than most of them can ever dream of though).
  2. That I am pot bellied
  3. That I cheat on my wife.
  4. That I said (3) above does not matter because I provide her needs.



When I made my allegations and call-out, I did so with PROOF.


Let Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba and Marian Mmily Onugbu Nwaokolo come out with PROOF of where I am guilty of allegations 1-4 above.

I am more concerned with allegation number 4, because I know the game.

Whip up sentiments among those not in the know, so I automatically come out a chauvnist.

But that does NOT move me.

I give them 24 hours to provide evidence of COMPLETE conversations where allegations 3 and 4 are PROVEN.

I will be comparing messages with my inbox.



Only cowards report a post, and then go ahead to make their own posts with the same infraction with which they reported mine.

But I am no coward.

Prove your allegations.”


His friends were chanting “defend yourself defend yourself” and they bashed Marian and co with everything they have gat


This fight eeh, e take style sweet o I no go lie😂😂

Shaa make I run go Marian wall fas fas, e be like say she don drop the ‘proof’ as e dey hotu🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽

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