Dr. Cum: An Easter Treat

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And as they sat in the upper room to dine, he broke bread, saying,

“This is my flesh, eat and be satisfied.”

Thereafter, He filled a wooden cup with wine and gave to his disciples saying,

“This is my blood of the new covenant, drink and do this in remembrance of me.”

The disciples wined and dined with the master, not paying heed to what His words meant – half of the time they didn’t even know what He talked about anyways, but as it was with every public figure, he was popular and the guy even conjures up food, hey, they had every reason to follow him, he could keep raving meaningless thoughts for all they cared, no pee – man must wack.

In that moment, Judas noticed, and couldn’t help but feed his envy as, Mary, The Magdalene, cozied up to The Christ, rubbing his feet.

“That darn whore!” He cursed under his breath, “how dare she do this in my presence?” He thought, his hard knuckles tightening as he almost could feel a sudden rush of blood in his veins.

“Verily, verily I say unto you, on this very night, the son of man shall be betrayed and handed over to be killed.”

“Sh!t! He caught me. He’s got a darn snitching spirit,” Judas thought. “But I’m not going to back down from this,” he added, “ride or die, I either dominate that darn harlot or cease to live. You stand on my path master, sorry, you gotta go,” he grinned as he rubbed his palms thinking of his plans.

Truth is, Judas had known Mary since her teen days. They’d grown up in the town of Nazareth where their parents were neighbours. Mary’s father was given to wine and he’d died just 2 years after Mary was born – a Bear ate him on his way back from one of Nazareth’s many pubs one certain night. She basically grew up not knowing who he was, she was her mother’s only child. Judas was from a wealthy home though, but as he constantly pilfered, this put him at an odd standing with his father, who sent him away after he tried selling their house to an Assyrian that had wandered through their land. Before then, Judas was a real notorious tout in the neighborhood, he and his gang members regularly terrorized the local residents – he’d met Mary for the first time, one night as she returned from the neighborhood well, bearing water on her head.

“Thine waist sways like the cedars of Lebanon oh daughter of Israel,” a voice called out to Mary from the dark.

“Even the cedars of Lebanon bear no water fountains above their necks oh stranger.”

“Hahahaha,” Judas laughed hysterically from within the darkness he’d hidden himself, slowly emerging into the moon light. “Come let us lie together and make guilty pleasures all night long,” he said, attempting to grab her. Mary was so terrified, her heart thumped really fast in her chest, she was going to be raped. “Oh My Lord! Oh God!” She momentarily dropped the jar of water on Judas’s head and fled. Her mother didn’t believe her story that night, her back got sore from the strokes of cane her mother dealt her all night.

Meanwhile, Judas never stopped chasing after her. In fact, his likeness for Mary grew into an obsession, so much so that he began nursing thoughts of seeking her hand in marriage. His father, however, being a wealthy merchant, would have no part of it, he just couldn’t live with thoughts of his son bringing in a low class, bottom-feeding rif-raff as wife – how was he going to introduce her to his kinsmen, no. Judas plotted his revenge, “I’ll sell off his house, I’ll threaten the maiden into eloping with me, we will live happily elsewhere in Judea.” His plans never saw the light of day as he was caught, disowned and sent out of his father’s house. Mary never loved him though but Judas never forgot her and so didn’t his father – he plotted to ruin her as he blamed her for losing his dear son – Judas definitely got his vengeful spirit from his father. In no time, Mary’s mother was falsely accused of prostitution, and as the Law of Moses had prescribed, she was dragged outside the city gates, pelted with huge rocks till there was no more life left in her. With her dying breath, she urged Mary to never give up on hope – “thy saviour comes oh daughter of Zion, thy saviour comes,” she groaned till she gave up the ghost. The only possession she left her – a box of alabaster oil.

Her mother’s death forever changed her life – she knew pain like she never experienced before, the world was mean, sorrow was her garment for clothing, tears were for dinner and hopelessness hanged above her head all mornings – how was she supposed to have hope in the first place? Just How? “You’d better discard that dead woman’s words, people say such nonsense when they’re near their graves,” she always told herself – and in reality, the situation as it surrounded her never called for much hope either. No one would freely give up a thing for her – no one. Before long, she found herself walking same path her mother had wrongly been accused of threading – she became a prostitute. They called her, The Magdalene.

Mary The Magdalene wasn’t just an ordinary prostitute, she was one with influence as she’d entertained, within her fresh, lustful thighs, even the “Highs and Mighties” of Judea – from Roman Officers to Trade Leaders, From Tax Collectors to Leaders Of The Sahendrin – they all tasted of her wine, and they basked in the euphoria – at times – hypocrisy of it. For this reason, she was largely invisible to The Law within a people with such strict anti-adultery Jewish laws, but not for long though.

In those days, The Christ had come into town performing all manners of signs and wonders – which had sent the leaders of the Jewish Sahendrin into a panic mode. They schemed and kept an eye on him. Meanwhile, Judas, during one of those nights in the city, decided to visit the popular harlot he’d always heard of – The Magdalene. Getting directions to her place wasn’t difficult, she was the darling of all men. He waited his turn, and after about two hours, he was called in.

Her room smelled of freshly cut cedars. The ornaments on her walls reeked of royalty and from a distance, he could see the adornments on the transparent garment over her rocking body oozing lustful passions.

“O beautiful dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the cliff, let me close to thy face, let me hear your voice, for I hear your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely”

“Come in to me oh man of Judea, drop thine worries at the door, lie in between my breasts and I’ll give you rest,” she called upon him from an inner chamber just as he beheld her from afar.

There was something familiar about that voice but Judas cared less. He rushed at her, threw off his garments, held her waist, “soft,” he thought. He looked into her eyes, still not knowing who she was, “behold, you are fair, oh woman, behold, you are fair, you have dove’s eyes.” She pulled him into her arms slowly falling on her bed space. He kissed her neckline, she scented like myrrh, he opened up her light, transparent garment, brushing aside her adornments as he kissed her shoulders, sucked on them, down to her cleaves, he grabbed her full breasts like delicate flowers, “your twin breasts are like two fawns, twins of gazelle, which feed among the lilies.” He raised her breasts and sucked everywhere beneath them, a moan escaped her lips as she made more room for him in between her legs. He rubbed on her pussy as he circled her nipples with his tongue.

“Aaahhh…my heart skips like the deserts of of Arabia, take me now, take me now O man of Judea,” she egged him on in pleasure.

He kissed her down to her ornamented navel, dipping two fingers in and out of her as he did, she wriggled in pleasure and began winding her waist as the ecstasy moved right through her. He raised one of her legs as he drove his hardness into her, her fluids gushed, she moaned,

“O north wind, O south! You blow upon my garden, and it’s spices flow out. The handsome one come into my garden and eats it pleasant fruit”

He rammed her real good and she was his willing hand maiden, she bent to every of his will.

After they both came, she fell on his chest, tickling his nipples and listening to his heart flutter. Judas looked upon her in those moments, the urge that drove him was gone and he suddenly could recognize her.


*Sighs* he probably shouldn’t have done that as she rudely sent him out right after he introduced himself. His interest was rekindled but she was not going to have any of it – her mother died for this sake and she never even wanted him in the first place. She locked herself up right after he left and cried her eyes out. The past was catching up with her and she was ill prepared. That same night, the most powerful Jewish leader stopped by for his regular, she refused him. She refused seeing The Head Of The Sahendrin – it came back biting her in the ass – and sooner than she expected too.

In the evening of the following day, she was seated in her inner chambers when several temple guards hurried in and took her away. She was promptly charged for prostitution and sentenced to death by stoning, but, knowing what other challenges lay before them, the Jewish leaders decided to kill two birds with a stone – they’ll condemn Mary and test The Christ at same time. She was sent to The Christ right after her judgement was pronounced. But, He saved her.

“Let him that is without a sin be the first to cast a stone.”

Those words, they marked the beginning of her salvation. Her mother’s words were beginning to make sense – “your saviour comes.” She had to show gratitude, so, that evening, as The Christ merrier with his disciples, she appeared from nowhere, knelt by His feet with her tears dripping on it, she took the box of alabaster oil her mother had left her, dipped her long hair in it and wiped His feet. “What?” Judas spoke up, but The Christ wouldn’t heed his words. Mary continued unhindered and soon became one of His favourites. It all was happening so fast, Judas had to make sense of the situation, he talked to Mary on several occasions, she flat out told him she never felt a thing for him. “Oh Lawd! She obviosly wants The Christ,” he wasn’t going to take this laying low, he was going to fight for what he treasured. He’d lost her all these years, and now she’ll be slipping through his fingers? No. He pondered over it for days, and the more he did, the more he realized there was only one way – getting The Christ out of the picture. But how? “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” that was it, he was going to sell him off to The Sahendrin and buy Mary a piece of land as a compensation – “she sold her body for money, she’ll accept this too,” he thought.

The Passover night. All plans had been completed, but The Christ was raving as usual, “that snitching spirit,” he thought as The Christ talked about his betrayal. “There is no going back this time.”

Later on that night, at the garden of Gethshamane, with a kiss…

“Greetings master.”

He betrayed The Christ. The master was momentarily taken away. 30 Pieces Of Silver richer – good business, “the world is surely a beautiful place,” he said to himself.

While the master faced a predetermined fate, Mary, upon hearing all that happened quickly sought out Judas. She met him at a plain field, he knew she was going to look for him. He was alone.

“I did it for us, I did it for us Mary,” he said, knowing she approached from behind him.

“You did what?”

“I di…”

“No Judas, you did it all for yourself. I do not want you and I have never wanted any part of you.”

“Oh Mary, see, I love you. I would do anything to be with you. Take a look at this piece of land for instance, it’ll be all your’s by morning. You’ve never had a real life since you stopped working but all that can change this moment. I’ll take care of you. I love you.”

“Shut up! Shut up Judas!” She yelled. “You know nothing about love! You are just like your father, so full of vile, hate, darkness and vengeance.”

“My Father?”

“Yes Judas. Just like your father. It is who you are. Did I ever tell you how my mother died? Did I?” She sobbed, still struggling to hold back her tears.

“Err…your mo…”

“Yes Judas, my mother. Your evil, wickedness filled father had her killed.”

“My father ha..ha…had her…”

“Yes, he cooked up false allegations of prostitution against her, and had her sto…o…oned to death,” she broke down in tears. “So you see Judas,” she began wiping her face, “you are just who you are, the true son of your father – a hateful, darkness filled, irredeemable soul,” she walked closer, looking him in the eye, “and that is all you will ever be, not anything more. My love isn’t for sale Judas, no. Even in death, I will always love The Christ. You, I will never even be caught dead loving you!”

She walked away. But, Judas fell to his face, he wept like a baby. It all suddenly dawned on him, he was indeed like daddy, Mary’s words hit him like a lightening bolt. A broken man, he hurried back to The Sahendrin to return the money, probably cut another deal but they won’t be party to it. Frustrated, hopeless, without love, even from his allies, he’d forever lost Mary’s love, he just couldn’t see himself getting past it, there was no way out.

Back to the field. A viable rope in hand. Five minutes. A broken neck. A locked throat. A tree, was all it took.

Bye bye life. He-llo Hell.


With Love, On Easter…

Dr. Cum

Disclaimer: The story you just read is pure fiction.

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