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Facebook! Facebook!! Facebook!!! How many times did I call you? Why have you decided to be dry these days? Na by laik that now eehkwa? Take time o cause Asiri gods wee nuh take eet!

So my Asiri antenna have been roaming about since yet nothing news worthy till the gods decided to bless me with one

Who else knows about the Jumia delivery man that was killed recently in Portharcourt  by 2 boys and one girl over iphone7 they ordered online from Jumia? Guess you must have heard how gruesome his murder was and how they dumped a father of 4 inside soak away pit after killing☹️☹️

Anyways Facebook page of one the perpetrators(the girl actually) have surfaced and people have been posting her pictures with curses and bashing. Ugonna Ufere reposted a post made by someone on his wall and people decided it’s time to fight over a something so unnecessary

The person weh comment the one weh start fight na Justin Ifeanyi, he wrote “Don’t be surprised that the guy killed the man just to satisfy that useless girl desire, dem slay queen nonsense?????”

Menebraye Timi asked him “Says who?”

Ebube Ifedi Christopher replied him “Na wa for you o Justin Ifeanyi… so bad

Justin Ifeanyi replied them “Says coco tea, the way most of you girls mount pressure on guys over some materials bulshit sometimes it’s overrated, and most the idiots will like to impress.”

Nneka Obani resorted “So it must be about the girl”

Justin Ifeanyi replied “Y’all can bash me for saying my mind but it doesn’t change the fact that it still happens sometimes.”

(Eerm this is no bashing anyways but what do I know??)

Nneka Obani replied him “Keyword : sometimes”

Oga Justin was not having it anymore from the teacher odakpus and he haul insult at them “Nneka Obani I don’t debate with retarded morons or clowns please u can state your mind in the comment box.”


Nneka Obani replied him “Lol you are such an idiot, Don’t go and hustle like your mates, sit at home and look for an alibi for your laziness. Beast.”

(Hian! Wetin concern hustle for this matter now? Make i just kuku shut up?)

Menebraye Timi still asked Justin “So u can kill becos of ur gf pressure demands, ejo oh, beta take d lagoon option…..,”

Cassy Milian out from nowhere decided to join fight, she said “Nneka Obani God punish y’all generation for coming to his comment to bury the dude, where’s the freedom of speech? I think y’all are so bitter probably that’s what y’all can push your boyfriend into bunch of fools.”

(Generation kwa? O chim o????)

Nneka Obani told Cassy “Aunty Cassy Milian you have been noticed now go and take a chilled bottle of Zobo and relax. Oluku”

Josephine Ifunanya another Justin supporter commented “Nneka Obani just because fb gives everyone the ability to communicate with each other doesn’t warrant u to come here and start debating over something you know nothing about, first u started the insult by the reply “keyword:sometimes, secondly, Justin Ifeanyi can feed all your family till the tenth generation incase you think he’s one of those ordinary lazy ass guys you hang out in Nigeria, u have to be careful how you use your words so that it will not bring problem at the end, before you throw shades ask questions.”

(Feed her entire family till the 10th Generation? Nne Justin owu Dangote???)

Tina Onome come begin chastise Cassy, she wrote “Hian! Cassy Milian you just came in to start abusing people’s generation? Why such behavior from you? It doesn’t look good on you at all. One would expect more from a mature, decent-looking and obviously exposed lady like you. Sister! The stunt you just pulled ain’t cool.”

My people, they are still there hauling insults upon insult on themselves o

Me I get one shikiri observation to chip in ; abeg who else thinks Facebook people sabi over do too much? As in eez doing me like say dey love quarrel pass food fa. Na wa??


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