Ebonyi People are Lazy People

Some people dey purge from mouth aswear, they talk wetin dem ask them and the ones weh dey no ask dem. Suffering from diarrhea of the mouth na bad thing, Pharmacist nyem Imodium biko cause na wetin dem need be that.

Ebonyi people shredded Oruonye Chioma Mercy into tiny pieces and it was well deserved (if you ask me o….but no ask me joor??) babe just over misyarn and she got served!??????

Na wetin cause quarrel? Babe just woke up one morning and decided to give statistical conclusion without conducting any survey, she wrote “95% of d beggars along the streets of Enugu are EBONYI state people!!! Them lazy for Africa!!!”

Imagine o, and tomorrow una go begin chant give us Biafra, which Biafra? Make una go dere go kill una selves finish? Mtschew

People weh get half sense like her were there concurring to the nonsense;

Innocent Onuoha commented “U just made a serious point, in the whole of south east, it seems they r behaving like Hausa people, who r know for begging”

To this Chioma onu na eriri replied “Innocent Onuoha that’s why major igbo states don’t regard them as igbo”

Princess Joy Attah even commented “I dated one Ebonyi guy, very lazy human being, I had to run”

To say I am annoyed na understatement, I for naked baff outside if Ebonyi people no talk anything but the smiles on my face widened when they started schooling her on how silly she is”

Eby Amanda Pius-Urum posted “Dear Ebonyians,

Oruonye Chioma Mercy said that 95% of us are lazy.


I’m that proud Ebonyi babe who’s happily lazy!


Just like I told Colette Vashandra Ezinne, ndapfu atụ the girl. Dazzlo!

Where are my fellow Ebonyi people?

Alieze Debbie.

Bibian Chinenye Pius-Urum

Nnenna Ijoko

Evergreen Ngozi Pius-Urum

Nnenna Peace

Ada Ebonyi”

Comean see comments naa

Voi Saint Vincent commented “Igbogbo Eee…” and this means ‘Make Chicken pox kill you’???

Frederick Ndubuisi commented “Oruonye or what ever you called yourself, you and your entire community including your families are fools and very big idlot in nature , is you that are lazy and crazy someone stupid”

Debbie Alieze commented “Lol…. Obere ewu.

I would have had something to say to you. But given that you posted from ogbete says it all.

…. Meanwhile, we don’t work our asses off to buy Hydroquinone.

Mercy, mere onwe gi ebere.

Next time, buy a better product if you wanna bleach, save my eyes the gory sight of your knuckles.”

Secunda Cendux Ndubuisi commented “Hahahahahaha if I were a boy, even if she strip to the fullest my prick no go even nod head talk more of going close to her. Ezi ogbete”

Igwe Ogochukwu Beatrice commented “She must be the chairwoman of the beggars association to who where all of them are from and to determine that 95% are from Ebonyi” kwakwakwakwakwakwa, biko this one hentered ??

Apparently it’s a normal thing the girl usually does to gather likes and get popular on Facebook, cause Ilo Eagle commented:

“Eby Amanda Pius-Urum how can u give this girl so much attention … Its not like she is finer  or looks healthier than any ebony princess that I know …. U are actually making the nincompoop famous …. The one she did last promoted her page and out of boredom she decided to do it again to get some attention  ….  Let her tell us were she is from and how many ministers they have in her father’s compound”

Smh, it’s really pitiable aswear??

Chisim Cmerije in support of Ebonyians commented:

“Am not from ebonyi, I have had ebonyi suitors and they are beautiful and hardworking people. I have Ebonyi friends and we are all one….  Oruonye Chioma Mercy even if that’s your opinion, have you done a background check, a survey,census… See am a sociologist and I know what this is a guess work. Please dear even if you did all these and it’s still true, you don’t have to post it. What if ur husband will come from ebonyi  state?  Let’s me mindful of the kind of things we post dazzol”

Stephanie Austin equally commented in solidarity to Ebonyians “I was begging to see the healthy, rich looking human.

I see only an ugly human, with a wicked soul.

95% beggars really?  You are not from Ebonyi, yet you look like a beggar with certificate.

Ebonyi state is blessed with beautiful and hardworking people.

Upon all the fucking studio lights and edits, you look like a worn out beggar. I am not from Ebonyi, but your words are as lame and stupid as you.

You don’t insult an entire people Orunye Oruonye Chioma Mercy, go look good first before insulting people.

Stop using these cream giving you free knuckles.

I use Vaseline lotion, I guess it will help your skin rejuvenate a bit.”


??????????, I want to pity her but akant???


As for me, the one weh dey annoy me now be say she leave Imo state where she is from, go begin conduct survey for my state, for what naa. Who send am message biko??


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One Thought to “Ebonyi People are Lazy People”

  1. Joan Oji

    I used to think only Yorubas had anointing for verbal insult (Visit Ilorin and take a taxi ride to see for yourself), but my people are learning fast. See what makes us Naija?

    Nwayorly, my Southeasterners.

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