Emeka Ike, How is it Doing You?

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Emeka Ike, how is it doing you?

Emekus! Nna, how far? I heard you are now a ‘freeman’.  Congratulations! For those who haven’t heard the gist, let me bring you up to speed. You guys know I try as much as possible to supply fresh and juicy information. 

As usual, I was just minding my business when I saw that the Lagos Customary court had granted Emeka the license to remove himself from the ‘bondage’ that was his marriage. His wife Emma a teacher, had filed a suit as far back as July 13, 2015. In her suit, she stated that she wanted the 14-year old marriage to be dissolved. In her words: I no wan do again! Is it by force to marry Nollywood star?

Madam, biko, no vex. Forgive us.

Both parties laid claims to incessant battery and emotional abuse. Some group of people have come out to claim that Emeka Ike was deeply hurt by the whole brouhaha and has been trying for the past two years to reconcile with his wife. That is what they said o! My own consine is what Unku Emeka did. Unku Emeka in his infinite wisdom was so heartbroken that his wife filed this suit. He tried everything in his power to reconcile with his wife by making no effort at all. Infact, he begged so much that the only way to show concern was to act unconcerned.

Man that cannot form baddo, is that one man?

The Court President in charge of the case raised eyebrows (or what is left of it) at the ‘concern’ Emeka was showing to get his wife back. It got to a point (2 years after the suit was filed) and the Judge was like “Oni gbese people, you people should come and carry your suit abeg”. The judge stated that from the totality of evidence before the court, it was obvious that the marriage was beyond redemption.

Uncle Emekus was openly begging to get back his wife but behind the scenes, pardon my pun, the guyman did not make any concrete efforts to reconcile with his wife. The marriage was dissolved in accordance with the Lagos state Customary Court Law of 2011.

I’m sure the Court President was like “This people are not serious. If after two years, the parties involved have not shown any sign of seriousness, why drag the whole matter? He gave either party a chance to appeal to a higher court within a month or the marriage will truly be over, kpata kpata.

The part that really made me chuckle is the 300 naira bride price that was returned to Emeka. So Uncle Emekus, you collected that 300 naira? After woman don born 4 for you? Me and you know say your hands no too pure for this whole issue. You know, abi? Emma your wife, abi is it ex-wife now, alleged to the court that you had been physically and verbally abusing her all through the duration of the marriage. She alleged that you treated her like a nobody during the marriage and for the two year period of the whole court process, you denied her access to her children. She claimed that you kept changing their numbers and refused to disclose their whereabouts to her.

Uncle Emekus, how is it doing you nah?

I know we shouldn’t judge you by your movies but this your court case reminds me of “Two Together” that movie where you beat up Genevieve Nnaji.

I am not judging you by your films o! Before they will say MystiqueSyn has come again.

You and I also know that you have a history of irrational behaviors so I am not surprised. I am wondering why you were granted sole custody of the children though…not even joint custody or visitation rights was granted to your ex-wife? Bia, Uncle Emekus, come and tell me how you did it. Don’t worry, this info is strictly between you and me.

So, it is the 300 naira that you paid for bride price that is making you deny a woman access to her children, mgbo? Uncle Emekus, gba brake o! That is not how it is done. The woman has a right to her children.

You have gotten what you wanted. You are now free. Do not deny her access to her children.

That is just plain evil.


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One Thought to “Emeka Ike, How is it Doing You?”

  1. Zizy

    Hey viola ! She never lied he was a woman beater far back when they lived in shangisha the whole street hear him beatening the hell out of her ! Fast forward they moved to magodo she comes to my friends stores to do her dress and you see a woman with low self esteem cos of the emotion and physical abuse
    He later own a school a friend. And India started it with him and when the school grew he became greedy and wanted to use business money to get himself a huge house in magodo to show he had arrived ! The Indian refused and he invited her to his home ( her word not mine) showed her a gun and threatened to kill her !!She quit the job !he then made his wife the principal ( a woman hatters with low self esteem do you think the business will grow you may read up what haloed to the business) he is acting his nollywood part ( the stArs should call him out he is a woman beater and an abusive husband ) shweee is
    That judge that awarded him a
    The kids must be looked into …. the lady should go ahead and live her life pls !! Let him have the kids and you focus on your batter d life and get yourself situated for success the kids will come for you it’s a matter of time pls you can’t take care of yourself n not them … get healed pls

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