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It may be beneficial to give the study of ethology a quick once over to help you understand yourself better; like the saying goes, “even if you’re not certain of where you’re heading to, you must always remember where you’re coming from”. Needless to say, understanding the true you allows you to better appreciate your path in life and prepares you to better visualize the world around you; not to mention better absorb external impulse. Note that while these hierarchies exist as a natural cause, they often result from interactional impact and may change as the individual evolves themselves. Below are some of the popular personality types which may define your identity.

1. The Alpha (Α or α)

Everyone both young and old is very likely already familiar with the Alpha’s personality traits. The domineering provider and protector of any animal social hierarchy, very little needs to be said about this boss persona. The personality most aspired to; Alphas tend to rule the dating scene by exuding an intense sexuality irrespective of their physical beauty. They are enterprising go-getters, usually unaffectionate, and almost unstoppable as they wade through sisters, daughters, cousins and friends with reckless abandon. Their self assuredness and unmistakable charisma also gives them a career edge and to these extroverts, the world is more often the not their oyster; and when it isn’t they’re just as happy to savor the thrill of the chase.

2. The Beta (ϐ or β)

The Yin to Alpha’s Yang, Betas are collaborative and genuinely likeable. Their moderate demeanor makes them the most approachable personality. Though they’re usually introverts, they make the best wingmen to Alphas and share a unique symbiotic relationship on the dating scene which can be summarized as such: ‘When an Alpha has problems with their mate, said mate usually seeks comfort from Betas with no strings attached but when a Beta has problems with their mate however, said mate often cheats with an Alpha. As a reserved, responsible and average Mr. Nice guy, Betas seem destined to the friend zone till their quarry senses they’re ready to settle down; at this point, they’re often the preferred pick above all other personalities. As such, it would seem they are preserved for marriage in spite of their desires or inclinations and for all their reticence, male Betas do not feel threatened by strong women, adding to their allure for a lifelong commitment.

3. The Omega (Ω or ω)

The typical neurotic Omega displays an appalling lack of maturity and may be found in comic book stores and video game arcades, looking out of place in the midst of much younger individuals. Most likely to be hipsters or to occupy their parents’ basements way into their adult life, the Omega is so adept at avoiding responsibility that one could say it’s the only act they perform with any craft. People who possess this personality trait are often the eccentric members of any social group who exhibit a clear lack of ambition and are least likely to take an initiative, placing them squarely at the lowest rung of the social chain of command.  Thanks to their nerdy and laidback nature, Omegas are also usually unattractive to women as males, and unappealing to men as females.

4. The Gamma (Γ or γ)

Any member of a social community who consistently tends to provide a strong and reliable shoulder of support for every other member’s complains without any apparent compulsion to do so would be a Gamma person. This type is driven to keep improving themselves, growing from strength to strenght, providing for their loved ones without fail and identifying limitations just so they can exceed them; As such, they are perceived to be restless and adventurous. Fun and self motivated, Gammas are most likely to live and act exclusive of peer pressure, leading most to believe that when adulthood impacts the life of a young Alpha for the better, they mature into Gammas. This theory popularly holds a great amount of credence due to the conspicuous absence of prominent Gamma characteristics like selflessness and disdain for status symbols in young people generally. The Gamma also puts family and community ahead of everything else and is attuned to their needs and emotions, establishing this type as a fun and thoroughly enjoyable personality type to be with.

5. The Delta (Δ or δ)

The bottom of the food chain, Deltas are withdrawn and private. Their disaffected outlook on life portrays them as objects of societal loathing and it is believed that when an Alpha has the misfortune of being overwhelmed by the repercussions of the happy-go-lucky lifestyle of their youth, they devolve into the Delta personality and are consequently marginalized from social society. Withdrawn and aloof, the Delta is characterized by a marked spiral into resentfulness. Sadly, this persona is most inclined to crime and subjected to the aloof existence of an ostracized has been.

6. The Sigma (Σ, ς or σ)

This barely understood personality type is shrouded in deep mystery and commonly believed to be the most self-reliant and hence the most mentally evolved members of society by the few people who have come to learn about them through observation. Commonly identified by terms like “Lone wolf” and “Underdog”, the Sigma recognizes him or herself as a premier sample of his or her species, but they are beset very early in their lives with a dilemma. In the extremely hierarchical community of wolves, society usually identifies someone else who appears to be a better specimen as the Alpha of the species, and since there can be only one Alpha in any pack of dogs, this leaves the equally self assured Sigma with one of two options: they may either debase themselves with a tussle for supremacy, or strike out alone into the dark unknown from where they live on the fringes of society… an easy choice for the Sigma. Sardonic and baffling, a Sigma is exceptionally good at ridiculing Alphas and may be easily identified in human society as that one person whom the Alpha you know cannot bear to behold for any apparent reason. Unlike other Personalities, both the English and the Greek languages do not recognize a plural for Sigma, and though the Sigma are outsiders to the dating game, they win it without trying; also much to the chagrin of Alphas. In relationships, Sigma tends to view and treat the opposite sex contemptuously; even when harboring strong desires.

Naturally, this is not an exhaustive list of all personality types, but since single individuals often possess a combination of two or more of the traits described above in varying degrees, most other personality types you may find are combinations of a number of the above in proportions that render them too similar to these popular ones to merit individual mention at this time; do not however, let that dissuade you from a trip to the library to the end of further discovery.


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