Eshiogiemeh’s Shout on Naija Pastors

Ghen! Ghen! It haf happened again o, who is coming with chilled kunurized zobo drinks? (Mbok na badt combo this asiri needs?). Do you Eshiogiemeh John Imodumeh? (I call him Devulized Devul and he lived up to his name yesterday??) He waka use im 2 legs go find Christians wahala yesterday and they came for his head…..hard!?


He wrote

“All Men of God in Nigeria are fraud. Yeah I said it. Every single one.

Ekene Kingsley Nwajiaku agreed wholeheartedly “All of them. One I know told me if he had opportunity to yankee.. He will go and learn computer hacking to hack banks..

He thought I was a hacker. Hahahahaha”


Petra Beatrice analyzed and concurred with Giemeh “With the present dwindling economy of the nation, if our men of God cannot join hands together to do something tangible for us, but instead keep acquiring private jets and all, then I beg to agree with Jay.

Una good night.” (Well well…bar man, give this beebi geh one bottle of chilled Alomo biko?)


Then the trolls came, covered from head to anus ‘you call my pastor bad name, you die) attire, they begin hammer am the thing from all angles (he had it coming though, he for just use ‘most’ and not ‘all’). He was firing them back with all dem bullets left in his devulized Arsenal (I still dey find the pastor weh provoke am shaa?)


Eze Glory Tochi armed with a baseless statistics (just like John?) attacked him “All u do is sit back and judge , 90 % of ur post is either condemning one group of persons or the other, u should focus more on your life instead of judging and talking bad about people, may God have mercy on u” Giemeh all gingered up, fired at her “Abeg let yourself out of my list since all you see are my ‘judgements… Keep your mercy to yourself and Nigeria.. You’d need it  Eze Glory Tochi…

I’m never focused on life.. All i talk about are inanimate remember?”

Glory resorted “Sure i was gonna delete u from my list , but wanted to ensure you saw my comment to your post, u are one of d people d bible refers to as ‘FOOLS’  u reason and talk like a foolish child, please change your ways, do not allow your foolishness lead u to a journey of no return #thinkaboutit”

Giemeh wasn’t having any of that at all, he lashed out at her “Lmaooo… You that the bible refers to as smart what has it done in your life Eze Glory Tochi.. Keep displaying your twisted colossal ignorance on my wall you waste of ovary and sperm cell”

Ogechukwu Roseline Agwu cajoled her “LMAO

Awon bureau of statistics,

90 percent Ko,  percent 90 ni??”

Agbashe Nancy lamented “Yaff thief my line of *waste of Ovum nd sperm*….I thought I invented it o”(lmao?)

Jessyberry Uka yimued @her “Haha. one daddy that have promised to make her mummy GO. That’s why she want to die. You want to put one tipper of sand inside her 50 naira Ijebu garri?” (Y’all gat no chill mehn)


Another Pastor pikin Onyeluka Peter commented “smh guy see yourself! …..its official you don join those naive group of so called writers or free thinkers bullshit! hassano kelvin & ko association of dumb atheist..& you even come use the word “ALL”…. and for what? shey na for likes or comment …this coming from a former alter boy”

Eshiogiemeh resorted “Niggah read carefully…


I neither called myself an atheist nor whatever..


And do i fucking look like a person who posts for likes?


Nigerian men of God are fraud simple.


It doesn’t change or stop me from being a christian..


Don’t associate me with any group”

Peter lectured him “you heading there but you just dont know it yet! i didnt say u are an atheist or agnostic etc , not yet …na small small e dey happen besides you have most of them locos on your list so i aint surprised their post has influenced you to do this post  ….hassano kelvin put up a similar post too”


John still refused to back down, he replied Peter “Nope…you know me but you don’t know me.


You suppose know i don’t roll with the crowd.


To think that you felt i was influenced is an insult on my persona dude. I don’t take bashing of religious people personal on here.. When i do it i shoot at something with a purpose.. I don’t ramble for attention… Truth is i don’t need it”

Peter was unperturbed still, he asked John “why use the word ALL….have u met all the pastors in nigeria that made u put up such post in the first place?….what message are u sending out there with such post? …do u say all doctors in nigeria are quacks just because of some actual quack doctors? ….oga quit this,u know deep down this post aint ok”

Out from nowhere (maybe na fence im jump come abi na from back door?), Fadilat Idris with controversial handbag attacked Giemeh ”

Someone just threw a pertinent question and you are stupidly writing lol. Are all doctors quack because some are?”

Giemeh ranted “If you cannot differentiate between doctors and religious people id take it that you are ignorant towards science.. And asuch, don’t know that both cannot be juxtaposed.


You compare science.. You who would rather thank the pastors than doctors after a surgery.


Are you always this stupid or you are trying extremely hard today woman?”

Fadilat finished him “Hahaha, hear a VERY stupid and desperate way to squeeze out of an embarrassing corner. Doctors and science. Dumb uncountable men of God are doctors, oponu”

Giemeh went ballistic “Okay.. You wey no be oponu where you dey?  Lmaoooo


You people are laughable.. Simple logic you won’t use your brains because it’s about religion.

You know all the accountable men of God bah? Typical.

Bye felicia.

This convo depletes grey matter”


Fadilat still refused to back down, she educated him “Only idiots use  #ALL.. Yes I know uncountable men of God who are doctors because there are ways to know them aside knowing them physically just like I was able to deduce your stupidity without knowing you”


Make una dey generalize, dey spark ‘engrish’ let me carry my chineke sombori sef and be going front jejely.


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