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Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan, a lawyer cum hard core feminist have been firing some shots since yesterday. It all started when she made a post asking married women to protect themselves by making sure assets they are buying is duly registered in their names and not in their husband’s name to avoid story that tickles and romances ike nsi incase Kasala burst tomorrow. She equally told them to find ways and empower themselves cause laws of this country no dey favourable to women

No be better advise she give so? But trust Facebook angry shildren especially the anti-feminists, they must flog issue weh no suppose receive any flogging at all. They don masturbate on topam taya. One of them spineless chickens, Momo Cindy Ochonogor asked Esiri “You curse and come on top strong on all your posts. Why do you always seem to be fighting each time you make a status update?” Esiri asked her “Young woman who cursed you? Because this comment appears to me like that of a cursed individual.

It’s only those who the gods have choosen to make mad, that will come to my post and write this Rubbish. Tell those people that sent you..that you didn’t see me in the house. Iranu” the spineless chicken still went ahead to spew more nonsense. She said “ No wonder some people are single mothers. Bad behaviour drives away people.I pray U change before it gets too late.This type of life won’t take U anywhere in the real world.All U will have are these girls supporting U on here who can’t do anything for U in real life. Let me leave your wall for you biko. No vex madam”

Heygod! Who gives birth to all these angry children o. This one don too much biko!

Esiri had to make a rejoinder post, she wrote “So you have made it your life ambition to go on a feminist humiliation spree .. and so you resort to slutshaming on our comment threads/drafting legnthy fallacious posts on how we are no longer in our “horsebands houses”/attempt to use the words “single mother” as an aspersion against us, tag us angry, men haters and women of zero wife material.

It truly puzzles me. I thought your intention was to HUMILIATE a Feminist? How do you try to kill a Bee by feeding it Nectar?

Listen!! KO LE WORK. Those might be  humiliation pills for an anti/non feminist female, but certainly not a Feminist, because we operate by a totally different set of rules…

You don’t know this? Oh!! No surprises there, you Anti-Feminists  are usually willfully and arrogantly ignorant, but let me help you out here.

Where you are so ashamed you can barely think nor talk about sex to the hearing of another;

We take pride in our sexuality, we are in charge of it and are at liberty to speak of it whenever we please.

While you would literally die if the world knew you were single thereby peddling a fictitious boyfriend;

We are proud of our singlehood/individuality, we flaunt it, rock it and are breaking records while  at it.

You think the fact that a woman made a decision to be seperated or divorced should be a source of shame to her;

We consider such a woman as being strong & smart enough to walk away from a toxic/life threatening situation, choosing her happiness, safety and the welfare of her kids over and above some bullshit soceital dictate fashioned towards “stories that touch” series. We Celebrate her.

You think being a single mum is an aspersion.

How ignorant!

We see single mums as women who possess and exhibit the unique capability and capacity to step into the role of Dual Parenthood and slay at it. How remarkable!! We Eulogise her.

While you consider yourself an inferior being amongst the human race by virtue of your gender;

We neither have an inferiority nor a superiority complex, rather we know that we are EQUAL to every living human being on the face of this earth irrespective of their gender.

You are working yourself to death trying to win the title of little Miss perfect, Madam 1 zillion yards of wife material…concealing your emotions like a  psychopath.. seeking validation from all living things, plants and animals.

We on the other hand, are super comfortable standing naked in our truth.

In the recognition of our Vulnerability lies our Strength.We are not perfect and that’s fine, we know no one is and we have no such expectations. We express our emotions, whether it be anger, joy or sadness, lavishly basking in the full dose of our humanity.

While you must be silent/ speak quietly and constantly put up a pious appearance.

We are free to be confident, opinionated, assertive and passionate about whatsoever we desire.

You amount to nothing in life until you are attached to a Man/Horseband who will be magnanimous enough to give you his name as an antidote to your Identity Crisis.

We are fulfilled and complete just in ourselves with or without a Man/Horseband.

Horsebands house is your life long ambition/final destination, once you arrive there, your life purpose is accomplished, and until one of such houses agree to accommodate you, you roam the streets perpetually homeless.

We are more than happy to rent, build or buy our own houses, whether single or married and whether or not a man lives with us in such a house is immaterial. What is most important to us is dwelling in a HOME not just a house or whose house it is.

While Shame is your Daily Bread, We are Shame Proof.

While religion and culture have got you in chains, we are physically & Mentally liberated. We are completely resistant to patriarchial opression and Impenetrable to subjugation and denegration.

We are non-conformists and we would not have it any other way as we did not come into this world to fit into anyone’s tiny box.

What Ails you, Heals us.

We cannot be Broken;

We cannot be Shaken; and

We cannot be Stopped.

So if you must come for us.. Please come correct…”


She don give them another topic to romance and they don begin work sharp sharp

Ropo Olawumi, Headmaster Twisters Association of Facebook commented “Ropo Olawumi

I’m a believer and bible itself says Husband and wife are one…they are no longer two but one…they should see themselves as one…Equality…One plus one is not two here but one….therefore husband is to love his wife and the wife is to respect her husband.If a husband loves his wife, he has loved himself and if a wife does the same, she does it to herself…simple mystery…I have checked the definition of FEMINISMs in the dictionary and I don’t see where it says wives shouldnt respect their husbands and cook for them…yet, she is equal and I love that equality but both subjects must respect each other…anything more than this comes from the devil.”

He was quickly reminded na correct Opata he dey yarn so, Omalicha Cee Ezehillz replied him “How you people read baffles me, where in that write up above did you see her mentioning wives shouldn’t respect their husbands?

Abi anywhere una see feminism talks una carry una OP enter there?

Headmaster Twisters Association of Facebook!

Another Facebooker Divine Stephen for the Esiri team said “This bible wey dey confuse una. It’s okay. Since bible stated that husband and wife are one, in my opinion, it should have been, husband, love your wife and wife, love your husband. Wife respect your husband and husband respect your wife. Period. You can’t say me and my husband na one and then go ahead in giving us different roles to play in our oneness. Abi na me dey craze as I no understand?”

For the Oponu Asociation of Facebook, Pere Omo’Lolu Omo Osifila commented “All the feminists wannabees that wants to be equal to men go and circumcise your pussy”

This human was attacked put in his place bigly, Uloma Maduabuchi wrote “Even with your shabbily done circumcision, you still reason like an ape!

We can’t help you. Carry your headless neck and swerve.”


Facebook wee not kill me o, the person weh dey tell this one, u sure say he go wake up again?

I’m sure this matter no go end anytime soon but worry your brain not, Asiri gat you any thing any day


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