Esusu Ghen Ghen Part 2

~Money pool go Wrong Pt2~ Ghen Ghen! Asilovers rush and come quick, quick, Charles Ogbu and senior police officer Remy Adeoye II don carry the matter for head like gala sellers o

Charles posted a screenshot of his sms reach out to the guy 

and wrote

“Just read the arrogance from the same guy. And now, he’s blocked everyone including Victoria. And you say such a character is not a criminal very deserving of two bedroom flat in Kuje prison.



Oga Remy wrote with pishure of the crook attached 


Online Thrift Contribution Theft!

Those who know this guy, Dozie Nwagba, should tell him to respect himself and return the sum of One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira (N120,000) “Esusu” Members money he stole and converted for his own use for some months now.

He has cut off links with the moderator of the scheme, Victoria Onwuchekwa, who was pregnant at the time he offered to moderate the scheme on her behalf to ease off her stress.

Mr. Nwagba, make no mistake that if you refuse to toe the path of honour and return what you stole, I will request the Police to initiate criminal investigation against you and I will be on your case until you are jailed by a court of competent jurisdiction.

For those who want to shout “media trial“, go and pay the money on his behalf or shut up in advance!”

(This wan off me o😂🤣😆)


They cursed shit commot for this guy body, they literally finished his life…Damn!🤭 Some people went on a tagging and sharing spree, all just to make sure Oga that’s disgracing his ancestors cause of 120k wee get rattled and lay up ASAP


Divine Stephen lashed out “See his hungry face. Ole. Respect your poverty status and return that money😩🤣😅


Ihuoma Chinatu fumed “Shameless lazy ass man.They are many of them looking for who to devour.See his wicked face.”


S M Onibiyo cajoled him “See him face like yansh wey dem shave.” 🤭😩😟🤣


Some people came wondering how the Esusu thing works, one even called contributors gullible but they were properly schooled


One onye bros of laive came to foolishly show himself but angry wobe pikins of Facebook sent him packing 🙆🏼‍♀️😩😅


I know issa serious matter but I don laugh taya, characters full this zone o😂🤣😂

Shaa ayam seriously waiting for the outcome of this massive callout, let’s us hope it will bear the needed fruits. Till them, sit tight….ayam coming🏃🏽‍♀🏃🏽‍♀🏃🏽‍♀

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