Esusu Ghen ghen Part 3

Who said Facebook massive callout doesn’t work? Who said ‘necessary’ social media doesn’t yield fruits? Make una come see now, Victoria Onwuchekwa is giving testimony💃🏽💃🏽


She wrote

Who facebook EPP….who Facebook EPP?

E EPP me o!

Now Dozie’s sibling is calling me all due to the intervention of Oga Remi Adeoye II and Charles Ogbu.

They now want to talk about payment plan, something that has never been mentioned since before.

I don’t have connection o, I don’t have Dangote’s money but I have the power of the internet and power following a political activist here and power following a police officer.

Guys! It doesn’t pay to defraud or steal from anybody here, one way or the other you will be caught!.

I am still not backing down or relaxed Dozie Ngwaba should do the needful quick.”


Even Oga Remy confirmed it too, he took to his wall to make this update “Update on Online Thrift Contribution Theft


I am happy to inform you all that the guy at the centre of the storm has reached across to the victim through an emissary. A payment plan is currently being worked out. I am monitoring developments with  keen eyes and even a keener interest.


You will be informed when payment is effected and until then before I pull down his picture and name from the previous post.

Thank you all for being part of this vanguard against larceny.

We remain vigilant.”


And people are appreciating, hailing and blessing him for helping Victoria do the needful




Ayam happy it ended well, all these online thief thief don dey dey too much mbok! 😒


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