Etiquette on the Net

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In the second part of this our series on etiquette on the net, we are going to be discussing the issue of likes and comments, the right and wrong use of applications like whatsapp, and of course, the best way to navigate subs and shades. 


First of all, people write and make posts on social media for a variety of reasons, and likes and comments are only a teeny part of it. Some people court controversy, by having loud and not necessarily correct opinions on taboo subjects, and they get the likes and comments for simply being bold enough to dare where others fear to tread. That in itself is commendable, but beware of the pitfalls therein, people may just begin to avoid your wall, especially if you engage with hostility, and without a need for feedback. If you constantly stuff your opinions down people’s throats and react poorly, perhaps with insults, when someone differs in opinion from what you came online to postulate. My point here being that if you must engage, do so , at the very least, with a modicum of politeness and courtesy that is expected of a human being.

Also, don’t be a keyboard warrior. Some people on facebook are masters at this. When someone disagrees in principle with something they have said, or an opinion they hold, they go off at a tangent, flying into a rage and sharing insults left, right and centre, forgetting that if the person to whom they are displaying their ultimate mannerlessness and lack of home training were standing physically before them, they might not be quite so free with their tongues or lavish with the abuse. Of course, this does not concern those who show up on your wall to outrightly abuse or insult you. Go in on those ones.  Hard. Better yet, delete the comment and commenter you find offensive, annoying or insensitive. Same goes for bigots and racist comments and commenters.

Make your posts, replies, and comments as plain as possible. Or not. One thing you must understand is that people of varying levels of sense wisdom and intelligence (differences is for another post biko, they are not the same) abide on the walls and spaces of social media, and as such, there will always  be different interpretations and meanings to whatever you post or write. But by all means use sarcasm, irony, and oxymorons. Sometimes they are a smart person’s only defense when the e-diots come calling.

(For those wondering, a foolish person with a smart phone and access to social media to peddle idiotic philosophies is simply an e-diot. I know, you’re welcome)

Okay people, what’s Up?

I meant to say whatsapp.

Whatsapp is an interactive platform that enables file sharing, calls, and instant messages. Whatsapp has a downside. If you are on whatsapp and someone has your number, the person is more or less automatically your contact. This leads to people being able to add you to broadcast lists, group chats, and chat with you, all without your consent.

You have my number, 080-123-456-78. If you have it, or you know someone who has it, or due to a business or other transaction we have once undertaken, you have had a reason to have contacted me on the phone, that does not mean we are friends, or bosom buddies, or whatever . so sending me broadcast messages every morning, when we do not, as a matter of fact, have a relationship is wrong, insensible, and one of the surest ways to get blocked. Yes, whatsapp has a block button, which is one of the biggest and best innovations the guys who own it thought of, before they sold it to facebook. Whatsapp allows us make calls, send messages, and share files, making it easier for friends, family, and people with legitimate business interests to keep in touch. Plus, it is run solely on data, which makes it easier to navigate. So long as you have data, you can actually do your thing without having to go and look for recharge cards.

Okay. Finally, but most importantly, this sub and shade matter.

Back in the day, facebook, and indeed, the whole of social media was a fertile ground for those who wanted to meet with people, connect, make friends, and generally unwind from the seriousness of life in the real world.

Not so these days.

With the rise of the internet, smartphones  with internet connectivity, and increasing number of social networking applications, social media has become more than a joke, more than a toy, more than an unwinding  and recreation atmosphere. Careers are made and marred on social media. People should be extremely careful what they post, tweet, or say online. Employers now screen the social media handles of prospective employees before approving employment. While it is true that there are a large number of beasts in human skin roaming the e-streets and cyber avenues of the digital universe, it is easier now to see them, notice the nonsense they post, and hold them accountable for it.


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