Evil Woman

My lovers my haterz  (I don’t want to believe say Asiri get haterz shaa?), mas and sahs, una wehdone o??

I know say una too don miss my ogbenge amebotic Asiri but not to worry much much, I don show back and na with oshoko juicy tori i take land so?

E be like say true true wetin dem dey talk about heart of man being desperately wicked na true o cause this one weh i jam for here (even though we don dey hear small kepu kepu say women dey do am tey tey) shock me fa??

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An embittered facebooker Abogoh Luckyo who just got married to his supposed pregnant heartthrob in December

took to his wall to expose his wifey’s evil deeds and how her parents who happens to be her cohorts are trying to conceal by any means possible


He wrote “I can’t believe that this is happening to me. This world is really a wicked place! Her parents knew that their Daughter’s Boyfriend had gotten her Pregnant yet they hid the information from me and duped hard me & my hard earned Money into getting married to their Daughter only to start persuading me to undergo some Goat killing Rituals so that all will be normal. Evil in this world is too much. Thank God I refused to do such Devil’s sacrifices!”

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People were commiserating with him, telling to take heart and cursing the woman. One advised him to kill her off

while another straight up attacked women and got lynched by hangry women?


One Oga with ‘massive wisdom’ Kendikart Kenny gave him a different advise totally, he said “Brother lucky, take heart but I will advice you  withdraw all this post for posterity but above all seek divine direction. Marriage is for better for worst. My humble opinion” (argh! Oga are you joking or you are being serious ni??)

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Walahi this one pass me o?, i shaa know Mr Luckyo will be fine las las




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