Facebook Feminists

Feminists and non feminists have been fighting on Dee Zuckerville since 19kpirigidim but the one weh dem fight today eeh? Ojigijigi!🙀🙆🏼‍♀️

It happened laive on Political cum Biafra agitator Charles Ogbu’s wall, he not only dissected ‘Facebook’ feminist like he calls them, he scattered and buried them all over😩

He chanted “The Nigerian Facebook Feminist movement has been hijacked by a bunch of love-starved clowns who think the noble movement called Feminism is a tool for vendetta against men for reasons not unconnected with bitter experiences they had in their previous romantic rendezvous. The few men who goad them on in this misguided mission do so because somewhere in their mind, they believe their continued existence depend solely on validation from those women.

The tragic irony here is that this misguided lots do not even know the true meaning of the term “Feminism” nor what it entails. Their understanding of the concept is criminally confused and hopelessly lopsided. This is why you see them engaging in arguments as mundane as who cooks food and washes cloths between husband and wife or who should stay on top during sexual communion. Hardly will you read them making a case for the abolition of certain cultures that continue to treat women like subhuman merely on account of their gender.

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Feminism is simply a movement that seeks to establish equality of sexes. In other words, when you send your boy child to school, the girl child deserve the same opportunity too. In a nutshell, any form of discrimination against a woman simply on account of her gender is what feminism seeks to oppose. This is the basic meaning of feminism. Every other thing is embellishment.

An Okafor in my village who send his Obi and Ada to school without keeping Ada at home to help with the house chores simply because she has a Vagina is a Feminist. An Mgbeke who made sure his sons and daughters take turn to wash dishes in the house without exempting the boys on account of their penis is a Feminist.

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This pathetic lots who have now taken over this just cause are in this not to improve the girl child/women living standard. Not at all. They are here merely to hide behind Feminism to gift themselves with few minutes of fame at the expense of women and girls who need emancipation from some cultural, political, social and economic hindrances.

To them and their misguided followers, feminism is a fight against men. In their misguided arrogance and hate-induced bitterness, they forget that men are also Feminists and that when you make a beautiful Struggle such as Feminism to appear like a fight against men, you end up alienating the same men whose support you need to achieve success in your struggle.

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The tragedy here is that the conscientious idiocy of this mentally kwashiokored wildlings has deprived real victims of societal ills such as rape and other injustices against women the genuine help and support they need to overcome their psychological trauma and get justice.

It is really a sad day when emotional terrorists suffering trailer-load of insecurities succeed in hijacking agitation that is meant to treat all sexes with fairness and equity and use same as a tool for vendetta.


His friends that were obviously looking for an avenue to vent out their needed anger against feminism and feminists, came in troops to wail and lament

Anybody that had a contrary opinion to theirs was either trolled or lynched

Chai! Diswan no gimme talking mouth at all o
Ndi ‘Facebook Feminists’ don chisomtin for this place😩😩


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