Between Facebook Slayqueen and her ‘duper’

Duping people online is like the in thing now, like a lot of people are doing it boldly and getting away with it. A Facebook slay queen Iwuoha Lynda Ngozi Nora, took to her wall to cry out about her experience with one.

She wrote “Just saw this petty criminal who duped people including me off their money in the name of novel on Instagram.

Dude had the effrontery to tell me “excuse me miss. Have some manners” when I confronted him. I have suffered.”



Her friends were more concerned with how a little rat laik this could pull duping her off😂

Nnedi Mma asked her “How did this small nwa nshiko Succeed in duping you people”


Nwabugwu KaKa Onyedikachi declared “I would be shameful to mention in public that this small boy duped me o”


Those that have encountered the boy before and also got duped by him, came and shared their ordeal too


Andy Akhigbe commented “I paid for some copies of his book back then and he never supplied them. He is a huge risk on social media.”


Lynda went ahead to show her conversation with the odetic audacious small thief


I don’t know whether I should laugh, cry or be angry…..laugh it is biko, akant comean kee myslef😂🤣😅😆



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