[VIDEO] Between Falz, his song and the NBC

Remember back when the NBC banned Falz’s “This is Nigeria”? Falz’s Nigerian version of Childish Gambino’s “This is America”, Yes that song.

Truth be told, the song has received quite the reception since its release. Barely hours after it hit YouTube a significant number of people on the WPBOD’s were already had their guns out flagging it down as too “meh”, they were not impressed with his version of it and they said just as much.

Some said given everything he has and should have he could have done better. And by the way WPBOD means Woke People’s Board Of Director’s by the way. Others said the video quality was depressingly low, and yet again others called the song a mediocre and thoughtless mixtape of Youtube hashtags. Ouch, that burnt.


But I digress…

The NBC too was not pleased with the song either but for a different reason, they don’t care about being woke. So they did what the WPBOD cannot do – they put a big ugly ban on it.

No one took it seriously though. I didn’t, and I’m sure you didn’t either.

The NBC, however, did not come to play, just today they took it upon themselves to remind us of just how serious their very serious ban is. Turns out the ban is 100k serious.

They fined a radio station the sum 100000 for playing the song!

In case you couldn’t count the zeros right, the amount is- one hundred thousand naira.

Do radio stations even make that much? That’s like 2 people’s salary gone o!

According to them the song is “laced with vulgar lyrics” and so should not be played on the radio.

Turns out they care about what we hear and they don’t want us to be corrupted with vulgar stuff.

Now that they have opened that door all they have to do to complete the mission is to ban some Wizkid songs, some Flavour songs, that Tiwa’s “Wanted” song and every single Timaya song. Why? Because all they sing about is ass. And ass is top on the list of vulgar things.

Oh, and they should also take a trip to Nollywood and ban a good number of movies. Why? It should already be a crime to make movies that boring!

But how will that radio station start paying that fine now?

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