A Family that Steals Together

…goes to jail together of course. What did you think I was going to say? Sticks together? Sure, they’ll be sticking together in prison.

Here’s the gist;

A couple (Mr Uroye Teddy and his wife Mrs Margaret Teddy), their son (Tega Teddy aged 18), and his girlfriend (Karima Edom) allegedly were consistently stealing from a neighbour (Mrs Folashade Odunuga) who was out on a 3-month vacation.

Did you get that? Consistently is the key word here. It’s like they were going shopping in the poor neighbour’s house. Like when they go into their kitchen and see that their gas is finished, they just go “let’s just pop into Aunty Sha Sha’s house and take hers instead”.

This shopping spree was going on for months until Mrs Folashade’s house help came around to clean up the house. She noticed that the once full and adequately equipped house was all but empty now. Even the car was gone!

As a sharp girl that she is, she involved the police. Smart move. Investigations weren’t that hard, the thieving family of fools didn’t even bother to cover their tracks, they packed the stolen car right there in front of their compound.

It was indeed a teamwork sontin, aunty girlfriend saw that her rich loaded neighbour was out on vacation so she told uncle boyfriend. Since the house was properly locked uncle boyfriend entered the house through the ceiling (this is what too much ninja feem causes), and slowly but surely started to empty the house of all valuables.

He took his loot to his father’s house, had his mother enlisted and she helped him hide some of it while aunty girlfriend hid the others at her house. He had his father help him tow the car to their compound. His mother had even started a business of selling some of the loot.

You see, there are two things fundamentally wrong with this thieving family.

First- They are way too greedy. How do you go on to empty an entire house down to even the car in the garage?!

Second- They are a war too stupid. How do you steal a car and leave it chilling in front of your compound like you own and not expect to get caught? That’s way too much stupidity in one family.

Needless to say, their greed and idiocy got them a nice ticket to jail. Which is a fair deal if you ask me.


(L-R) Mr. Uroye Teddy, Mrs. Margaret Teddy, Karima Edom and Tega Teddy




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