Father’s Day, the New MAYDAY

fathers day

For this space eeh, everything dey cause wahala. Any small thing, we go make am big deal and vum! Fight go start fa?


The latest fight now is that men are wailing that women (most especially the single mothers) are dragging their Father’s Day celebration with them


First Obari Ngofa Lale lamented “We observe like 89 Mothers’ day in this country.


The 1 Fathers’ day that we have, some people will still try to make it about the woman.


“Happy Fathers day to all the fathers out there who respect their women and accord her female children the same respect and importance he does the male. You are the real MVP’s”

“Happy Fathers’ day to all the great fathers out there. And the women that stand with them.”

???” (serious painment?)


Then Akaninyene Bernard Ubom posted “Women listen up!

On all the mothers’ days, all I read are: happy mothers’ day to all the awesome/fantastic etc women/mothers. We don’t say: happy mothers’ dayto all the fathers that have been playing the roles of mothers.


Today I am reading: happy fathers’ day to all the women playing the role of fathers. What is that? Just what is that? Can we ever stop being petty, biased and sentimental at every opportunity? You are either a mother or a father to a child. You cannot be both. You are either a single mother or single father. Either a widow or widower.




And to all those that stay up to hook up to the #hallujahChallenge every midnight, not to partake in the praise and worship, but to screen shot people’s prayer requests and broadcast them, or to take note of which atheist or theist is in attendance, or to find something to gossip and do amebo about the next day, ask yourself one question: why am I like this? And one more thing, when next you wonder what is the problem with Nigeria, just look at the mirror, right there you will have your answer.”


Armed with ‘nsigheriness’ Uzoma Bright commented “For the women that wants to become men overnight, they should not forget to urinate while standing like men do .”

Kemi Osigbesan replied him “Daftest response I have ever heard. When a man can’t do his fucking job to take care of his kids, does that mean the woman wants to have a pissing contest? There are many men out there who have refused to acknowledge or take care of their children. For those women saddled with the job of playing the mom and dad’s role I wish them happy Father’s Day. Then people wonder why Nigeria is regressive. It is because of closed minded utterance like this. ?” (Chisos! H-anty easy eeh?)

fathers day


Oluwakemi Adebukola replied her “Wow, Kemi Osigbesan that’s hard. But I feel you. I wonder if it’s by standing to urinate that makes one a Father.”

Kemi told her “Oluwakemi thank you jare. I could buy a dildo put a hole in it and piss out of it. Maybe then I can be a father.”


Uduak Ime commented “Don’t we just love to complicate issues, u’re either a man or a woman, if the world is celebrating the fathers, please let’s leave it at that.”


Another wailer Dani David lamented “When saw the picture of Tonto last week, I almost cried. It is a pity a mother, a woman and a “celebrity” could be that poor in reasoning. Did she for once asked herself what impression she’s creating in the life of that little boy?

That was the lowest of the low show of shame. Some people should NEVER be called “woman”!

If you are like her, get a change of heart.”

Sisita Kemi that’s everywhere chanted “Her case is unique. She is just being an ass.”

Morine Julius concurred “Kemi Osigbesan you got it right. Women should stop dragging their kids into their drama directly or indirectly. When they grow up, they still end up choosing thé parent they prefer regardless of what might have happened.”


As they were lamenting upandan, Sisita Kemi with zero chill was busy attacking them upandan ?(the thing dey the babe body eeh)



Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan wasn’t having any of those things they were yarning, she commented “Why the beef..?? Kini big deal?  On mother’s day just add your own version.. shikena!!

What is so petty about commending women who have stepped into the roles of fathers..due to an absentee father for whatever reason?”

Of course sister Kemi showed up sharp sharp, she replied her “There is no hug button. For me I don’t even want an wish. My kids dad does his job and I have called him for his kids to wish his happy Father’s Day. However there are some woman that can’t call that father because he is simply not there to call.”

Esiri replied her “That’s right. It is a valid situation for some people. For some there are absolutely no fathers.  And mum is all the father and mother they know and have. The point made with such wishes is to appreciate those women, acknowledging the fact that they are putting in much more effort to mitigate the absence of a father.. what’s wrong in recognizing them even now.”

Patience George also lent her voice “I dey salute ME if nobody does. My children have even put up a post for me in appreciation … too bad ppl are “vexed” but I feel fulfilled afterall.”


Bernard came gun blazing, he typed one extra long thing dash them? “What beef please? Is there anyone who never had or has a mother? There is a reason specific days were set aside to celebrate specific people. You don’t lump them up. It is Fathers’ day today. Today is to celebrate all fathers-fathers who play the role of just fathers, those who double up as ‘mothers’ too(whatever that means), single fathers, widowers etc. If you choose to exclude irresponsible fathers, fair enough. But it is for fathers. And this does not include mothers that double up as ‘fathers'(again, whatever that means). There is a day for such mothers and other mothers, who play the roles of just mothers. That day is Mothers’ day. It is like saying: happy workers day to all the unemployed, who hustle to keep body and soul together despite being unemployed. It makes not a shred of sense.


Whether a mother or father doubles, tripples or quadruples as a father, mother, grandmother, grandfather or whatever, a father is a father and a mother, a mother. Call the ones that go an extra mile super dads or super moms or whatever, it does not change this fact.


No kid calls the mum, dad and vice versa because they are doubling up roles. Same thing when these days are celebrated even in our churches, it is the men that are recognized on fathers’ day and women, on mothers’ days. Not a woman who doubles up as ‘father’ on fathers’ day or a man who doubles up as a ‘mother’ on mothers’ day.


Celebrate those who should rightly be celebrated on these days. The sentiments are unnecessary!”


Esiri fired right back at him “It doesn’t make sense to you..doesn’t mean it makes no sense.

And you shouldn’t be able to legislate on who people choose to celebrate or how they choose to anyway.


Nobody is lumping anything together. As long as there are mothers who play the roles of fathers, then it’s okay for them to be celebrated today as well. Same as the case may be for such fathers on mothers day.


There are mothers and there are single mothers, as there are fathers and there are single fathers and if you cannot appreciate the distinction between the two then that is willful blindness at work on your path.


And yes..happy workers day should include those who hustle to keep body and soul together..as long as their hustle amounts to work.


It doesn’t matter how a church chooses to celebrate whatever, everyone reserves the right to celebrate as they should. You choose not to celebrate single mums.. I choose to celebrate them


You say my sentiments are unnecessary, I say you are insensitive.


We can’t all see the world the same Bernard. We are all products of our individual experiences and orientation.”


Sisita Kemi dished out her own opinion too and as usual, she fought?

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Una too worry for here o, any small thing una go just off slippers, tear boxers begin fight?

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