Fellatio and Cunninglingus

I like social media, it has a way of bringing people’s legs outside. Be you closet anti-feminist, rapist, chauvinist, misogynist, thieves sympathisers etc. Usually they will be forming neutral and all good but one day sha be one day, wind go blow and fowl nyash we dey dirty laik die, go show

Been perusing through my timeline today looking for amebo weh I go knack una and as the Asiri gods may have it, one popped up. AllahKaduna Nzeogwu posted “Lmaoooooooo I can’t stop laughing – I may not agree with this post, but this is another hit from my man Hassino Kelvin 8 and it reads….

More women are starting to make it look like it’s so compulsory of a man to suck their vagina and unfair when he wouldn’t, but tell you what, I personally have never and will not attempt to take my mouth to a woman’s pussy even if she pulls a gun to my head.

I can’t even stand the thought.

In this dick of mine is contained and fully equipped with everything you will ever need and you can surely bet on ten solid orgasms in 20 minutes. But if you expect me to bring my tongue down that lane into your pussy, then you met the wrong guy, and if you are one of those ladies who can’t get an orgasm without your man giving you head, regardless of the prowess and creative ability with his dick, then I think you need to see a doctor..

Note: I love blowjobs because nature made dick “eatable” to a large extent but still I wouldn’t mind or try to persuade a lady who refuses to give blowjob. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not insinuating that a woman’s vagina is always dirty, but taking one’s mouth there is neither advisable nor hygienic, it doesn’t matter what you see on those “sex fiction” movies called pornography..”

Una see how this Hassino guy take drag out his 3rd? Chill make i knack una some of the comments

Chukwuemeka Cee Jay Ibeneme commented “I don’t agree with this post, sex should be enjoyed by both partners, you cant ask for fellatio and refuse to perform cunnilingus on your partner, its selfish absolutely. It should be tit for tat. Secondly if your partner is very neat and takes good care of her self generally and especially down there then there’s no disease you can get from her that you can’t get just from kissing her…for me there’s nothing wrong with eating your girl out, unless she doesn’t want it or you really don’t love her enough.


Dami William&s. Jr. replied him him “I get irritated easily, i can’t do it… If she wants, i can allow her give me bj, but i can’t suck any pussy… I swear, else, i wouldn’t be able to eat for days”

Of course this got him a lil yabbing from another Facebooker Kalu Egwuronu, he be resorted “Dami Williams Jr. , honestly with no insult intended, people that talk like you ,their head usually disappears once the lights are turned down . Only grace and power of berger equipment will rescue them from yonder.”

Aswear this people no go kee me o


Another Facebooker UdeAbara Mma Mgbo commented with I EAT THE PUSSY LIKE THIS meme “This is arrant nonsense. At first, I thought you were actually making sense, but only to contradict yourself with liking Blow-Job but can not blow your woman.

What makes you think dicks are natural made eatable?

Hey let me warn you, the day another man ventures his head in your woman, you’ve lost her for good. Selfishness is your problem.

See how other guys beg to eat what you dislike.”

Inyang Clement for the poster’s supporters club commented “Well every individual has the right to choose and play any love methods of satisfying each other but as for my own case, no amount of money you will give me that will make me to suck or lick the hell out of your pussy, I have dated an Igbo lady and she forced me to suck her pussy that she will suck my dick, I told her I’m not that type of guy in a respectful way, she agreed with me but she can suck, I told her if I was one, she would not have even said it before I will go into action. So what I’m trying to say is that not all fingers are equal, one man meat is another man poison.”

Big big Yimu to him

As for me, my second name na do me I do you. If you want fellatio, you must give cunninglingus. If not, nothing for you o. Simples


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