Feminists Vs. Anti Feminists

Buy popcorn and fanta (don’t add vitamin C o, I never wan make una die yet ), sit down wella make i knack una better gist. You know feminists and anti-feminists have a non-stop war? Day in day out, na fight. Nobody wan surrender for the other person. In fact if you want your ghost friends to attack you/show their fangs, make a feminism/anti-feminism post, world war 4 go erupt on your wall.

So a Feminist Blessing Mary Ochiedo made a post today, she wrote “Feminism is not fighting MEN. Its fighting the NOTION that men are superior to women. Its fighting gender bias and Privileges.”

Na so babe talk and her wall is on fire since then, anti-feminists are busy showing themselves and feminists are concurring

For the against team, Terry Obioma Donatus wrote “Nigerian feminism is too funny and unrealistic joor” George Ogar replied him “I agree terry. My gf is a feminist. Whenever I tell her to stop doing something, she refuses and says I’m trying to control her. She calls it subtle control. She wants to do things whatever way she likes at her own time. There seems to be no place of “submission” in the feminist mind. The struggle goes away from women being looked down upon or oppressed to women refusing corrections from men. The world has accepted that women have a right to be whatever they want.

My worry is, a woman sits at home, on the phone all day chatting in one group or the other or having idle conversations and wants to rule the world or have equal stake with her man.

Now in the home front, women cannot be equals with men. Time and space will not allow me but in conclusion,  I think the feminism fight is like the racism fight – highly blown out of proportion. Very unnecessary. Obsolete and irrelevant. Women have been achieving great things and are being recognised everyday. Hardworking women. I for one am gender blind. As long as you can deliver on the job, you get the job!”

Another team against Mark Anthony Banks said “Say “my own feminism…” Because there are many that fight men with the mask of feminism.” To this Blessing replied “There’s only one kind of feminism please.”

For the Okponu group, Ugochukwu Oranuba commented “Feminism is not fighting men but  fighting GOD, d Creator of heaven n earth” una us see why i put am for the Okponu group?

Another team against member, Okolie Samuel commented “Unfortunately, what we have now are many confused and bittered single folks or folks with failed marriages fighting and hating men.

Man and woman were created equal BUT God made man the head for the sake of peace and orderliness.

Where there is no hierarchy there would anarchy. Now, this does not mean men will riding women. It’s only a foolish man does that.

In every company, there’s hierarchy, the CEO, MD, manager, etc. Without these, anarchy is inevitable. It’s for the sake of peace and orderliness they were established.

When each recognizes his role and play it well, there won’t be any cause for alarm.

What women need isn’t equality but equity. To be respected and treat right.”

To the above Bolaji Yusuf replied “Christian doctrine my foot. Is the world now Christian? Nonsense.

So the CEO cannot be a woman?

Yeye. CEO slot is automatic for man because he has preek abi?

Una no well for this country.”

Bros don vex! E reach to vex jare, this country people tire me o

For the pro feminism team, Nkechi Bianze commented “Those who hate or can’t digest the idea of feminism will always come up with made up stories and talks to paint feminists bad.

They now understand that it is silly to say some humans are superior to the other, so they decide to fight against feminism by saying all sorts of things against feminists.

Most, and I mean a vast majority of feminists that I know understand the basic concepts of feminism. The people who decide to see them to be fighting men are the people who have got the problems.

To the unduly privileged, fairness always seems like oppression, at least at the earlier stage, till they finally get used to it.

There are feminists all over the world, it’s only in Nigeria that many non-feminists have chosen to believe that feminism is a fight against men.”

This was replied by the poster Blessing, she said “They will grab at any straw to undermine the movement but I’m glad that my footing is sure and all the side drama is not deterring me at all.”

As of the time I left there, people are still tearing pants, boxers and g-strings for there

I hope say Blessing get strength? Cause this people no dey smile at all o

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One Thought to “Feminists Vs. Anti Feminists”

  1. Tolu

    The fight will never end…Nigerian version of feminists will never really be heard simply because those who push for it and make the most noise about it seem to be single, divorced you name it(not like there’s anything wrong with any of the aforementioned) . Hence it’s easy for the anti – feminists to punch holes in their fight and see them as bitter women. Until the face of Feminism changes here, I’m afraid they won’t be heard.

    I for one, I’m egalitarian. A firm believer in equity, gender equality for all. I feel women are even more powerful than what is being portrayed. Feminism to me is like affirmative action and I do not subscribe to that.

    What I tell the feminists who go round men bashing and spewing vitriol is would you want your son to marry you? Usually the response I get is initial silence, an angry retort and…. Then a lot of waffling

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