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Asiri lovers come closer abeg, I get one important queshure. This queshure have been on my mind tey tey but I never get correct answer to am, so I say make I ask una. Maybe una go get answer to am. Solomon Buchi Bartholomew’s post this evening brought up this queshure for my memory again so I said I must ask o ( will ask it at the end of the post)


Solomon wrote “I heard a lady say that when she gets married, her hubby shouldn’t near her phone. That it’s her personal privacy. It didn’t settle with me. I think there’s up rise in perversion in this generation. A lot of false knowledge. Marriage is meant for two naked people.  I don’t think it’s right for a married person to have his/her phone locked without giving their spouse the password.

The Bible said that Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed.


Like myself, I have a lot of people’s confidential issues on my devices because of the kind of work I do, but when I marry, my phone will be open to my wife.  Giving her access isn’t licence to snoop my messages, it’s to promote transparency and openness. As a wise woman, she won’t go checking everything on my phone.


Marriage is for two naked people. If you still want personal privacy, stay single.


What’s your opinion?”


‘Concurrers’ group were concurring with the writer while the Against group were doing their job kwa

Enwerem Innocent Chike commented “That girl will be one of those their husbands will seize or ban them from using phones and they will be quiet. They keep coming here to act like cruel lionesses while they are defenceless she goats in reality. I pity the innocent ones they will lead astray.”

Samuel Robert concluded “Thing is if S/he is hiding his fone ,then she definitely up to something fishy”

Daniel Ebitu commented “My suggestion… Your spouse should understand and accept you for who you are and what you do.. Let office matters end in office.. meanwhile, there’re so many storage devices that can hold office you don’t use that as an excuse to deprive your spouse access to your phone.”

Nwabiara Janet Nkem commented “You should have different phones for work and personal life. That’s the sensible thing to do if one claims to have ‘sensitive’ blah blah blah” Idowu Omeiza HighDee replied her “Why different phone even though one is for business I dnt see anytin wrong in ur spouse having access to it…oneness is a keyword in marriage” Junaid Mariam Osiyemi also chipped in “I need access to both personal phone and “the so called” work phone. You can differentiate it all you want, but as the wife …..” (gbam!! ) and Solomon taught her, he said ”

Any phone at all, shouldn’t be without access to your spouse. It’s your spouse’s place of wisdom not to snoop you. I won’t marry an insecure woman.”


The Against team weren’t having it anymore, na so dem charge fiam


Emeka Nobis their headmaster commented “It is well. Until person marry.” Solomon replied her I don’t know anything until I marry Abi? Lol” Esther Olabisi asked him “So the married ones that are doing it have 5 heads? It’s somehow when married people make it seem like single people know nothing. Just because you aren’t doing it doesn’t mean others can’t.

Marriage is what you bring to the table as individuals.”

Arit Asee their headmistress, typed one extra long thing. She said “This is not an issue of being naked and unashamed. Phones these days contain numerous info and still remain a private property. That said, the mature thing to do if your spouse is acting suspicious is to ask questions. Unfortunately even mature married people make immature decisions to snoop phones. As we grow and practice acting matutely, granting access to much more can be initiated or renegotiated.


We have a lifetime to get it right. Rushing to implement all the theories about marriage on the first day without taking into consideration each other’s weakness may not always give you the desired result.


If you know your wife is a busybody and you’re a lawyer trying a sensitive case requiring strict confidentiality, allowing your busybody wife access to your device is akin to dangling a carrot before a rabbit, you already know she’ll snoop but you’re tempting her. In my opinion, that is not love.” Her team member Emeka Nobis quickly concurred “chop knuckle (yimu?) and Solomon told her “I think I need to be understood. God will help me to marry a woman who’s not busybody and all insensitive. I know many couples that open their phones to their spouses and their professions are delicate. Very very fragile but yet they are open. That’s what I want. I focus on what I want and it comes to me. I won’t marry a woman who I’ll need to lock my phone for. By God’s grace and by my carefulness too.(Amen o my brother)

Arit Asee resorted “Solomon Buchi Bartholomew, nobody is saying it’s not possible. However to make people who don’t practice this ya theory to look like they’re not in a happy marriage is a bit judgmental.


Being a busybody wife can be a good thing. The thing we love can also end up being the very thing we don’t like.


Marriage is fun and interesting. Two people from different backgrounds who love each other fiercely despite their shortcomings. If phone will cause wahala, lock it and work through how we can open it again if it’s what you desire.


Naked and unashamed means your partner gets to admit to you they have a problem and you get to help them through it if you’re better with them.”


Anthony Ekene Obiechie seeing all the defensive comments concluded “Things behind the defensive comments are big hidden agenda .My own has the habit of even changing password and me sef am dancing to the beat !”


Even Solomon had to ask “I see many married people here are on the defensive. Lol. So it’s not possible to have access to a spouse’s phones and be happy together? If it’s possible, if you agree it is, can we focus on that and help us believe we can get it, than making it look like it’s impossible. Thank you.” And Emeka Nobis replied him “I didn’t say so, but in my line of business, my wife isn’t trained to handle some sensitive issues. So, it’s better not to. She knows and she stays clear. The other phone I use she has full access.”


This brings me back to the queshure I wan ask, so you can give somebody your body without holding back anything, trust someone enough to sleep beside them without any atom of fear but once it comes to gadgets, una begin chant Privacy? Just shatap! Shatap there! Y’all are cheats mehn, CHEATI!??


Mbok ayam going, kmt?


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