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Evans kidnapper

Ok, people play too much in this country. In fact they crack too much expensive joke fa, so na from insanity to sheer madness be the in thing now abi? What kind of iberibe they worry some humans in this country? Who else have heard the recent chant dominating Naija social media community? Them talk say na #FreeEvans!


Yasssss! You read me right, they said it’s free Evans o. Evans the chicken hearted wicked kidnapper that cause great menace and pain to both his kidnapped victimsand their family, that’s who some evul angry shildren are calling for his freedom!

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I be think say na joke when I hear am before but I don see am koro koro now and the thing shock me o, na im I say make I carry am come cause no be only me go see this madness fa

One Oponu sombori Omotayo N. Atanda wrote


“#Free Evans Now# Nigerian Law Is not Meant For Only Ordinary Nigerians, Saraki Bukola Dino Malaye And The 107 Senathief Are Worst Than Evans. They Robb Even Yet Unborn Nigerians. Let Our Voice Be Heard..”


Mikky Joe Ogidi asked him

“Are you with your sense? You support someone who engage in Robbery and kidnapping?”

(Better question ??)Evans kidnapper

The oponu sombori replied him “Is saraki better than Evans? That’s the question” and Mikky educated him small, he told him

“Don’t use Free Evans, talk about Saraki, condemn Saraki with corruption, but Saraki never kidnap anyone and he never engage in Robbery with gun ?.”

Oponu Sombori resorted

“No the best way to make saraki knew he is worst human being is to grade him with armed robbers and kidnappers. Saraki is also kidnapper and robber. He Robbed us 16 trillion naira in cash we are not talking of those he use to acquire property yet. He has kidnapped Nigerian children future. @ogidi”



Folashade Kafayat Ajibola, another oponu sombori chanted “ogidi pls wait till saraki point gun on your head bf u see him or consider him as a criminal”

I was still wowing at what Folashade said when another oponu sombori Bobby Ambrose Anderson, took over from where his team mates left?. He said

“Is a pitiable pity that Omotayo N. Atanda, is saying the truth but some gullible people are contradicting him. Evans didn’t kidnap up to 300 people, compare to what your leaders have done and still doing”

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Clothed with correct sense, Igho Hakeem told him “Is Evans an ordinary Nigerian? He is a billionaire. So because some other people stole, every other criminal including kidnappers and murderers who have confessed to their crime should be released.

I’m sorry to say, but this your post makes no sense at all. It’s very childish and pointless.”

The Oponu sombori resorted

“Hahahahahahahaha is Evans a prominent nigerian? Because he was push to crime by this looters of our natural resources and make some money? What if he meet his waterloo on his first outing? Will his name be heard today? Please let it be childish to you. The sarakis Robbed your present life, Robbed your future life and Robbed your unborn generation then why not Evans better than sarakis.”

One of his minions, Olawale Lawal declared

“that is what I called cosmetic surgery to the nation problems kill the little things and set free the might political thief’s when can they get it right,”

And he concurred “The politicians who are bigger thieves are being set free while the petty thieves murdered by Nigerian law. Enough is enough. SET EVANS FREE AS YOU SET SARAKI FREE.”


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A sensible better sombori Taiwo OlaEvans kidnapperniyan commented “I wish you can locate Evans victims and tell them this much. I  won’t be surprised if you people start asking government to compensate families of Oyenusi and co for taking their lives. If they ask you why just tell them because Saraki stole. Better still you can go and stand witness for Evans in court and ask court to free him cos politicians are also free.”

Lawal Hammed shushed him up

“Stop shooting yourself by the toe, every criminals should be treated as what they are irrespective of those who scape through Perhaps, you should be seeking the release of every other criminals because of saraki”


Still he continued ranting, ‘misyarning’ upandan

free evans

Dear Amadioha, I have a burnt offering to offer you. When are you coming to take eet? ?



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