Giveaway Mugshot


Mugshot of each person with the shoe they chose fa! Like seriously.. What happened to your inbox? And its not like the shoes are Loubs or LV or erm erm (I no kuku sabi ladies shoes), but those shoes don’t look like something I will accept to be mugshot-with at all. Lol. Some of y’all can insult indirectly sha, ahn ahn. Mugshot fa!

Saw one or two people I least expected to be scrambling for shoes fa cos they ooze of “well-to-do” on their respective walls. Instead to leave it for the less privilege.. Lol.

And some of you ehn, you are always on all of the giveaways, games with prizes, competitions etc on Fb, haba… Kilode. As in, you are on every post that has to do with prizes. Abeg, small small now. Shuu.

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Anyways, all am saying is that most of you who do this giveout are so proud, arrogant, saucy, too-knowing, boastful and erm erm erm….
My friend Stop it!. Be humble!. Don’t be proud!. Give out wholeheartedly and stop giving out for recognition popularity and competition sake!

Las Las we all go dey alright.

I hail those who give out with no intention of peppering or showing off or any of the vices I mentioned above, you guys are the real MVP!

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And another thing, some of you need to know that this life is not that serious sha, so if you vex, make sure you vex well well inside your pocket. No come near me ooo. Mí ò wá Ok at all. Mí ò Well ràrà. Émì kò Gbàdun nì témì.


*lemme goan watch BBN now jere cos am Jobless from now till futher notice)” (shots fired! Evribori run and hide🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️😂)

See the mugshot he was referring to and confirm for unaselves whether na old outdated shoes the Mavis Ishanqueen Michelini (the sub owner😯) do giveaway with 😂🤣

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His friends, ‘foes and haters’ of Mavis had a fun field day, cajoling, yabbing, bragging on the post and some of them got tackled by Mavis Loyalist

Olatunde Balogun commented “Jeez Broda abeg buy helmet faaa cause dey will throw stone 🤣, mugshot kill dem dere”

When Mavis got wind of what Falade was doing to her on his wall, she went ahead a posted this 👇🏽on her wall 🤣😂😅

And Falade replied her with this 👇🏽

Ayam still rolling here o, this people are not only petty but mad too😂😅

All of them go dey alright las las mbok


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