#Giveaway. Ready, Power, Go…


In this digital age, there can be nothing as annoying as that beeping sound when the juice is about to finally comot from your device pata-pata.


I have tried a lot of methods to conserve those last few minutes of battery power, but one of the craziest things ever, is putting your phone on that “battery saving mode” thing.

Rubbish Nonsense.

It takes you back to the Stone Age where Caveman Ali and his wife would just use their phones to make calls and send and receive SMSes…


… I am sure I mixed something up there, burraitinkyouknowna… Assume you get me? Right.

But what about the regular power banks na, you’ll ask. Power bank na power bank.

Beht of course.

Only of course that some of them drain out faster than you can say “fee fee talks”, and the rest of them, na load.

You rummage around in your bag and bring out one black or white monstrous sized contraption, lucky you if it doesn’t look like a vibrator coming out of your bag (not that vibrators are bad things sha o, I just dey talk my own ni).

So tell me seriously, do you have ANY objections to carrying around a portable, slim, trendy, conversation starting piece in your bag that you absolutely HAVE to convince people IS a power bank?

You do? Objections over ruled!

Seriously tell me, what is not to love about the ultra cool package (tell me you don’t want to see your phone in a cover that trendy), the hidden charging points for apple and android phones, and the ultra slim design.

I put this power bank beside my phones and it was as slim as the Infinity, and wait for it… slimmer than the Samsung.

Sorry Samsung, we are not body shaming you o, but Orobo you ees. Ndo.

“Na lepa we wan chop? What about the capacity?”

Who asked that kwelshun? You do not know how to take eet eezy? Ngwa kamugodu dan small and drink ice water.

With a 5000mAh capacity, it can sha help you charge one of your phones up to full capacity. Your completely four (or five) bars go full and your phone would happily be at 100%, then it can help you charge your step phone up small…

So you have got one fully charged phone and another charged up to at least 45%, wetin remain but to hurry back home, power up your generator, and quickly wire out an update yabbing the nation’s Minister of Darkness?

So, sleek and trendy design, commendable recharge capacity, hidden charging cables, the #WikePlus power banks should be the next cool trend in the smart phones accessories market.

Don’t dull now, we’ve got two of these to give away on this site but if you know your village witches are sitting on top of your luck pot, then you can follow the under listed bushpaths to avoid them and get your own #WikePlus power banks direct from the vendor:

instagram: @wikepluss

twitter: @wikeplus

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wikeplus

Green green: 08057051427 (WhatsApp enabled).



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