I Am No Longer a Feminist!

Ok, it’s getting too hot in here. We need an AC in here to kam everybody down before Naija h-angry shildren burn down Facebook.

You remember that sub Victor Ibeh sub im namesake Victor Daniels over cold stone ice cream palava? Guy don go buy ant infested firewood o

Victor Daniel’s goons haf been subbing him like parapara since yesterday, fes it was Hymar then Rogue Nun decided to lend her voice this morning

Hymar Idibie David wrote “Those people that think because they can speak plenty English they can now come take your post and distort it to nonsense, to win cheap applause from their Hailers Association,   one by one we will show them pepper.” Its coded abi? Oya follow me go read them comments;

Victor Daniel commented “I swear fam. Dey never chee chumptin” and Hymar replied “In their minds now they haff reach to form Kings wey fi behave anyhow.  We go tear dem raffia crowns and burn their illusions.

They hit first,  pass the mace make we nack those dirtbags back

No,  pass the mic lets show folks they are wack!”

When Victor Ibeh’s cousin Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Ibeh commented “Be subbing my brother oh, you hear??????”, Hymar replied her with “I wee subtract then add then multiply him join.

Tueh. Make your brother go siddon joor!”

Asseh Astia Ehi commented “Let go guys. Victor Daniel made his point and I understood, same way Victor Ibeh too made his which I also agree and I see nothing wrong with it and it will be sad if you escalate things and I see no reason for that, for understanding and peace sake” and Victor Daniel replied her “No. He didn’t just make his point. He took my post, represented it in a wrong manner and fed it to his yaysayers. They pounced on it and hurled insults at me based on his representation of my post to them. He didn’t just make a point. He shaded me while doing so.”

Rogue Nun no wan make Hymar own settle finish, she go make her own post. She wrote

“Y’all keep saying Victor Ibeh misunderstood Victor Daniel,  but I say that is some serious bullshit. That guy is not that dumb. He saw the glaring joke,  but because he was hungry for some scandal induced fame, like Elijah,  he said (this time to the Devil tho) “here am I, use me”.

Okay,  let us look at it this way. “I went out with a friend, I asked her to take one of Mama Nkech’s donoughts,  but she said she wanted Thrillers donought. I thought it was the same thing or maybe it would be a bit costlier,  but when they said it was one 500 naira,  I nearly passed out from shock”.

Does this post in anyway ridicule any gender?  Does it promote patriarchy?

But oga had to look for trouble and you say ” Mature?” Please shut up before you get slapped. If it were Selah now,  you’ll all come for his head. But our Daddy in the Club cannot goof nah. Even if he did and refuses to accept it,  let us all move on before he gets angry and stops telling us all those amazing things we need to know. Clap for yourselves. You have passed the test,  you can now be crowned Queens of Oponu Nation.

Do not even tell me I am taking this too far,  because believe me,  you’ve not seen “too far”.

Arrogance mixed with Ignorance has a way of upsetting your spirit.

Women are not even some dumb weak people that need saving all the time,  so much that we want Aunty Victor to save us from a harmless joke,  or help us explain it in the spiritual realm. ?? whedon Sir.

It is not every day we blame plain idiocy on the lack of a sense of humor. Some days you just look a nigga in the eye and call him a Goat.

The rest that rushed to start subbing because their head boy subbed,  no word. No word.

And before you go through the stress of telling me I like stressing issues,  I already know biko. Ehen.

Forgive my manners. Good morning People.☺☺”


Team member Hymar commented there sharpely, he said”See ehn,  at first i read the post,  just shook my head and waka dey go. I say the guy miss road wella.

But then something make me check comments.  People who got the Victor Daniel joke were explaining to him and he was defending his right to be silly.  That was when i realize the thing wey dey do that guy na very strong thing.  Hian!

You shade somebody over something you no understand.  People wey understand come explain to you and you still dey dia dey open mouth.  Dumbbell.”

Kizito Chigozie Onyegbule replied him “Dave, I think it’s a certain kind of power, and e don reach im head. The same things people preach against, they turn around and fall foul of.

It’s funny how the most basic things get people oscillating like goats in search of succulent grasses.”

Chinwendu Nwangwa commented “The one that pain me sef is not Victor’s sub. I am still pained by what some people who I felt should know better did with the matter. Dropping subtle shade and all. And it’s just so annoying that this people seem not to know when they cross the line between feminism and misandry.

Also, let us even assume Victor Daniel wasn’t joking, what is wrong in him complaining that he took someone out with a certain budget in mind and the person now chose to go somewhere more expensive? See, if a girl decides to pick an expensive place she should be ready to pay the bills. I mean, people should stop trying to enable nonsense entitlement behavior. I mean, see people now saying you shouldn’t hang out with a girl if you don’t have money. Let’s even flip to the other side. If it was a girl who wrote the same thing Victor Daniel wrote, there’d be no outrage. People will “recognize” the joke.

Don’t mind my rambling abeg. The issue still dey pain me.”

Chibuzo Mitchell Odumegwu subbed feminists join”Is it not how they use to do? These pepper-body feminists that want people to walk on eggshells around them once a topic borders on gender, especially the female one. I’m not surprised.

Okay. I’m only surprised this one is a male pepper-body feminist. ?”

Okwunna Obi commented “All the “seniors” on Facebook gathered to lynch the nigga.

Sub hungry fellows”

And Yalum Pablo Okwukogu gave Rogue Nun ‘punishment’ , he said “‘Aunty Victor’? ?????

Oya Rogue…. Knee dan, raise your hand and carry your phone”

Thought na only me notice wetin she do there, babe na savage!??

And Victor Daniel came and said his own”You see, that was the problem I had with the post. The sheer need to girl-please in order to cement his place as a male feminist. The sheer need to make a point out of nothing. The sheer need to sound deep. The sheer need to make a post that women will read and be like “hmmm that’s some guy speaking up for women”. This is not the first time this happened. He used to be on my list until one day he did something like in another case and I commented about it on his post then fiam! He blocked me. He would later unblock me sha but we were no longer friends. That was over a year ago.

How can you manage to turn a harmless joke into a feminist issue? Did you read his post? I have never seen a more conscious attempt at self gratification in my life.

Afraid is catching me for these ndi Facebook pipo. Ndi overdo male feminist.”

All these for one person? Even Jerry Chi said na too much woman wrappering??

No wonder Victor Ibeh made a post today denouncing feminism tag, he wrote “On this Saturday morning, I, Victor Ibeh, have stopped being a feminist.

I do not want to be addressed as such any longer.

I am human.

Every opinion I give from now onwards, would be the opinion of Victor Ibeh, not a feminist.

Thank you all for your understanding. Copyright, Victor Ibeh 2017”

Ok o, my own na to dey use my Asiri eyes dey roam about. Y’all should keep the drama coming, make una no taya o. Abi Asiri lovers no be true i talk ni?

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