Identifying Tribal bigots and dealing with them

You see for this app eeh, tribal bigots abound. People that are ever ready to cause tribal wars and spin innocent stories to wetin i no know

Remember that ‘ndi oso afia’ brouhaha that set Zuckerville on faya the other time? That one that trended so much and Igbo traders got backlash from almost every woman for this app? One of them boys don land for hot soup!

Ayinke Adefemi posted “Everyday for the thief one day for the owner.

Today is the much awaited day that the monkey has gone to the market and is unable to come back!

I have gotten one of yaba boys who Harassed me today arrested .

Particularly the one that slapped me on the buttock .

He is in police custody as we speak and as God liveth! I will take this to the full extent of the law.

This will be the first time I step into a courtroom.

This is my pound of flesh for years of harassment from yaba traders .”

People were commenting, commending her and bashing the said guy

Oluwatidasi Vega commented

“Those people no they fear , they don’t even have the brain to reason who they might be dealing with .”


Lessons to learn from the #HalleluyahChallenge. Did Nathaniel Bassey finally understand how important or not it was?


Adah Akay Michael in his body guard regalia offered “Would love to accompany you to court and I’m pledging my team as your bodyguard…..kindly accept my offer”

Nnenna Anaba vented;one nigeria

“Serves the stupid faggot right. He should chill off at the police cell first. Stupid pervert.”

Taiwo Olugbenga commended her “Nice one”

Out of nowhere, armed to the teeth with controversy, Remi Hassan came and started chanting wetin dey no ask am. He said:

“What I keep saying…if we had control of our eledumare given space…that flathead will be deported back to nnewi after serving 50yrs for harassing and assaulting a Yoruba woman ???”


Mary Irabo Peipeiraye cautioned him “You’re bringing up tribalism here. Pls face the topic”

Unkle oponu yarner resorted “Abeg go siddon…Do I know you from Adam?”

Mary replied him:

“Don’t insult me pls cuz I never did. Just corrected you. Sweetheart u don’t need to know me but pls do act your age”

Aday Akay asked him: “Wtf does race have to do with what transpired.”

Remi fired back;

“I understand English is not our first languages…what constitutes an insult in my reply?  Again, bounce please, I really don’t have time for niceties”

Mary educated him;

“Remi Hassan even with your all round experience in school you still need more education cuz your the most stupid man I have ever come across. You’re types are the ones separating Nigeria because you constitute nuisance with tribalism instead of facing a problem. A yourba man has harassed me but I always address the problem n not where his from. Bitch plea grow up.”


Lessons to learn from the #HalleluyahChallenge. Did Nathaniel Bassey finally understand how important or not it was?


Ayinke had to step in –

“Remi , Mary Abd Micheal , I beg of you guys pls don’t turn this into a fight ?”

They kept going front and back, lambasting each other


Another tribal bigots Oba-iwa Adetokunbo oponurized like his bro before him “They are ibo guys right?” (efi its Igbo not ibo?) and one of his brothers Ibrahim Folorunsho replied him “it might be yoruba guys because they do sell clothes in yaba” (You will live long bro?)

You see those two above blabbing, they are one of the problems of Nigeria??

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