Immanuel Ifediata And How He Got Fired and Burnt

Ehen! Ehehe! It has happened again o, Association of Diarrhea infested mouth haf misyarn again and Zuckerville is on Fayaaaaa! Just buy kai kai come, forget zobo and fanta this time(na something strong you need so you go fit sama this guy correct e-slap)


Immanuel Ifediata decided to take one for his onu na eri eri team by yarning bullshitted nansense and he got burnt. As in h-angerized  shildren of Facebook haf finished his life and if they take it up with appropriate authorities like they are threatening to do, nigga might lose his job o


He wrote “In this era of slay queens and Instagram celebs, it is very difficult to find a single, decent, beautiful, intelligent, and mature lady that is worth settling down with.


Almost every fine girl now has the ‘runs girl’ mentality. Gone are the days when ladies choose their partners based on prospects. Now, it’s based on wallet. Working class ladies too have also developed this ‘runs girl’ mentality that ‘my man must reward me financially’ as if relationship is an employment.


I tell you, if you need a girl who hasn’t yet been corrupted by the ‘runs girl’ mentality, you will have to keep an eye on senior secondary school girls. Once the girl you like finishes her WASSCE and NECO exams, propose to her. These young ones are very loyal and naive.


Last week, one girl I like in the unity college where I teach approached me after their WASSCE exam and told me she was hungry. So I told her to go to the tuck shop and take anything she wants to eat. I expected her to consume, at least, N500 but by the time I came to pay the bill, the sales girl said it’s N100. I burst into laughter.


Go and catch them young. Leave the old cargoes for those who willingly decide to be their maga.”


Oponu association with onu na eri eri members were hailing him, concurring with the nansense he wrote and finishing ‘Slay queens’ (pitiable non of them saw nothing wrong in what he said..smh)

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As oponu members were yarning what their oponu head could only thought of, people that understood how deep his message was took it up and started attacking and calling him out for it (a well deserved attack if am asked..side heyez)


Chibuihe Obi told him “This is really terrible. Emma delete this post. These kids writing WAEC are fifteen and sixteen or even less than that. That they are done with secondary school doesn’t make them adults.

Jesus of Galilee!”

Vivien Adaeze told him “Old cargoes..


Immanuel Immanuel Ifediata, this is an insult to every hard working lady out there. Then, you went a step further to  make a bigger mess with your secondary school girl analogy.”

Esther Ijewere commented “By the time we are through with you ,  you will regret the day you said your first word on mother earth. Stupid Paedophile”

Isong Daresit said “Recession has made everyone become a writer now.

That’s why perverts like this would come out an encourage his fellow men to emotionally betray the subconscious of young girls with N100 biscuit. Am not sure he heard the story of the youth copper in delta who posted something similar. This beast shouldn’t be kept amongst female children”

Cynthia Chisom lamented “Nwankwo Obiora Everest.. Remember that conversation about low-key paedophiles. I have read crap from this guy but this…. Zeus!!”

Doris Nwaka Ememonu commented “Now this guy has a mental problem, he needs help and parents with young girls around him should watch out and be careful. I beseech correctional homes to help.”

Josephine Effah-Chukwuma  told him “Shame on you for this post and believe me, we will fish you out. How dare you come on FB to call on people to go after children in the name of avoiding women you call “runs girls”. You are indeed a disgrace and a predator. And for all those who “liked” this stupid post, I have personally taken note of some of you and GOD help if you are my friend on FB. I am blocking you. Shame on you all. Yinka Ogunde Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi Helen Essien Ifeoma Malo Olu Bunmi”

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Mavis Ishanqueen finished him “We get it: you are poor. But there are many poor women you can date. Leave the successful women to date successful men.”

Charles Ogbu finished him “Coming from a teacher who has number-less underaged girls under his guidance, we owe it to ourselves to act fast for the safety of our young sisters.


Please, guys!


Does anyone have any information about the school where this guy works as a teacher??


Any info, at all. Please reach me inbox ASAP.


I intend to go to the school by Monday. I am in Enugu as I type this.


If the school authorities refuse to act, we will be left with no choice than to conclude that the entire management is complicit in this. And will treat them accordingly.


By this post, there can be no argument that Immanuel Ifediata is a paedophile. A closet paedophile, maybe but a paedophile all the same.


Our girl children are not safe in any school that has the likes of Immanuel Ifediata as a teacher.


Temidayo Ahanmisi, thank you so much for bringing my attention to this.


The horde of idiots who liked this post should be closely monitored as well.”


Blessing Victor Mateke defender of the Oponu ‘misyarners’ commented “Sometimes,  this guy writes out of line,  but I really do not see anything wrong in what he has written here.


He mentioned that the Lady in question just finished her WAEC. I am amused the way some of us want to join the crowd and quarrel over something that does not really need to be quarreled over.


When I wrote my WAEC then,  there were several girls pregnant, they didn’t plan for it to happen,  but it happened. Some immediately got married after our last paper,  while some went ahead to have the babies. I was a virgin then and was quite judgmental,  now I know better.

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Some people finish secondary school at the age of 18,19,20. What if the lady that guy mentioned was either of those age gap? How old is the adult age in Nigeria? How old do people get married in Nigeria? My Elder sister got married almost after our WAEC. In developed nations,  young boys and girls fall in love and get married. They get married so early and sometimes go ahead to have children on time. Once a girl is 18, she is even free to start living on her own. Some people still find it strange to see a 22 year old boy getting married.


I know this guy is a teacher and there are things not expected of him to say,  not to give the wrong impression,  but this gathering is like killing a ant with a sledge hammer.” (H-anty everybody isn’t your sister by the way and kids of these days finish sec school as early as 14, 15, 16!)


Stanley C Nduwere another defender commented with a screenshot of age of consent attached “That’s the age of consent in Europe in that photo. Study the data and stop being blinded by rage or hate.


I fail to see the cause of this reckless hyperventilation.

Dude did not indict himself in anyway.

He just said it’s best to seek out younger ladies for serious relationships.

If your definition of a relationship = sex then better go check in for a solid therapy.

If you feel offended then go punch some rocks or something.

I may not agree with his suppositions but there is absolutely no cause for alarm in this post.” Oshey defender we hear thee o, let it be your sister now we will now decide how you will react. Nansense”


When the heat became too much, Oga Oponu Immanuel decided to take down the post. As for me, am I surprised? Hell to the No! This is Facebook and people that can’t say shit outside can nsigherie well well in here just for cheap fame and popularity!



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