Insensitivity To The Highest

Did you read on the news about the 30 people that died in Portharcourt the other day while watching a football match at a viewing center? Tragedy right? Somebody made a snide insensitive remarks about it! Yes! Don’t be surprised, somebody like me and you did because… well I have no faintest idea why

Shebi I said am tayad of humans on Facebook? Their insensitivity stinks! As in it oozes like ogiri ishi or even okpei Nsukka sef?


Mike ‘orihenwuru anwu’ Anders decided to join the Oponu Diarrhea mouth group and he got served thoroughly, He wrote “You skipped our national football to watch foreign football and electric pole fall on head, that’s the price for being unpatriotic”


Trust Facebook shildren naa, they not only schooled him, they washed, hot dried and iron his dirty arse(yay!???)


Kingsley Maduabuchi asked him “What are you doing in Germany.. Why not remain in Nigeria to help build the nation.. Patriotic Nigerian” One of Mike’s Oponu group member(s) Bisi came and started misyarning, she replied Kingsley “Those who have stayed back to build this illegitimate country, have been frustrated.

Just look at the joke that Nigerians elected as President…in the face many great Nigerians.”

Kingsley told her “That doesn’t warrant this senseless mockery of the souls of the dead Bisi Egwuatu” Bisi still misyarned again “The dead are deaf, his criticism serves as a warning to the living.


The Japanese and the Chinese are not mad about the premier league as Nigerians.


Rather they are mad about their very own football clubs.


I have witnessed Nigerians at news paper stands debating about Chelsea and arsenal, during moments of national tragedy, such as a plane crash or a bokoharm bombing” (kuku shut up! Just sachie eze isi gi there!??)


Emmanuel Ikhana commented “So what you’re saying is if our league was like the premiership and the same accident occurs, what would you call that, in as much as I agree with most of your views, I find this rather distasteful and insensitive, the fans are there to enjoy and support whatever team they love and if they can’t find that in our local league they sure have a right to watch any league that tickles their fancy and in this case you’d agree with me that the English have done well to sell their brand and rightfully so too, up and until we have a league we’d all be proud of and identify with…please Oga Mike let my people enjoy and support any team they love from any league they choose from!”

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And misyarner General still came and vomited nonsense, she replied “Emmanuel, if our league was developed, Nigerians would be watching it on free to air. They would need to watch via dstv… Hence going to pay at viewing centers.” Emmanuel Opeyemi wasn’t having the nonsense she was saying anymore and he shut her up ” Bisi u are pointless, i hav dstv in my house nd i still go out to watch in viewing center with frnds wen i was still in Nigeria…. how doz dat doom dem to die”


Can you believe that this Bisi still went ahead and commented one extra long thing, trying to justify the nonsense? ‘Heshe’ wrote “Okay… I have heard you all. The usual herd mentality, has come to play. Those who don’t know what empathy or charity means, in practice.

They are the ones baying for blood, working as a group probably for the first time in their lives, the only gain in it for them: to draw psychological blood.


Hmmm! What did Mike Anders really say? And how can such a statement, draw this level of ire and hate? He said that those who died viewing a foreign match were unpatriotic, yes he was terse, were he should have been succinct…

But then, I believe that those who view his words as a sacrilege, and are baying like banshees, have indeed out done themselves, as they stumble over one another to cast the first stones.


In a sane society, the kind of incident that brought about this brouhaha, would not have been allowed.

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Because, public places, for such kinds of entertainment have to meet certain safety standards. In a sane clime, there would be flowers at the scene of the tragedy, there would be Teddy Bears and hand written notes, expressing heart felt pain and sympathy and solidarity.

There would be a national day of mourning, if this were to happen in France or the UK.

And if the government is too poor to provide treatment and succor to the survivors, then the civil society would step in to fill the void.

I have not seen any positive reactions, all I have seen is the usual opportunistic lynching mentality.

We africans love to lynch and cast stones, we are good at killing those who are better than us.

I have witnessed this attitude for too many a time.

Not even one person among the vociferous commentators here, wrote a tribute to the souls of the departed victims of the viewing center tragedy (on their time line).

Most of those making harsh comments, can not even pretend to proffer a solution.

All they are interested in is drawing blood, they have not even considered why, or for what crime exactly.

Mike’s statement was vague, the outcry over it…is an over kill, best you can do here, is get together and do something positive for the survivors. On whether am a security operative and a photographer…

it’s job and I ain’t a fraudster, I make an honest living, and I love what I do.

Hehehe” (Can some gag Bisi? She needs her mouth abi hands to be slap shut already!??)


Anyways the lynching continued regardless, our h-anger no be wetin Bisi go use her iberibe senseless grammar comot?


Kenechukwu Obiekwuo told Mike “U skipped ur country and ran to Germany. U skipped Nigerian women and married oyibo. U skipped ur native attire and wore foreign wears. U skipped ur native names and answer Mike Anders. U skipped ur native foods and eats can foods & junks. That’s the highest form of being unpatriotic. Rubbish!!!!” (Asin eeh, stinky smelly insensitive hypocrite!)


Victor Daniel suggested “We need to find this man and beat him up” (seconded!????)

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Chris Martins II rained curses on him “Despicable you…a village in Nigeria must be missing its idiot. You dare chastise the dead (without considering their grieving families) for watching a foreign match? To add insult to injury you open your smelly hypocritical mouth to talk about patriotism? Yet this is coming from a foolish fool who lives in a foreign land, married a foreign wife, fathers a foreign made child, lives in a foreign built house, wears foreign made cloths and drives a foreign car? You are the greatest hypocrite this world will ever know…for disrespecting the dead and their grieving families for enjoying a foreign made entertainment product may all the Gods of the earth strike you dead any day you find yourself enjoying any foreign made music, movie, football match, car, house, clothes, books, computers, phones, airplanes, children, or fuck a foreign made wife etc. Your stupid days are numbered stupid.” (If only Karma works..if only)


Kofon Ekanem asked him “You that is patriotic, why are u not in Nigeria? Abi ur own patriotism never reach? I would have wished this to ur family too but I will not. Cursed human!! Fool.”

Chiwuike Aguwa told him “Mr Patriotic bearing two English Names. Ur Mumu level no get part 2.”

Kikelomo Onibanjo said “This stupid guy should just leave Facebook! You are a fucking hypocrite! Just look at the rubbish he vomited out of his gutter! He is preaching patriotism when he does not even leave in Nigeria! If you don’t have anything sensible to say, it’s better you shut it, instead of displaying your stupidity on social media and disgracing your family.”

Linda Acha fumed “Everyone should report this to Facebook as hate speech let them bring down this account. Unpatriotic fool in foreign land. This guy have to be the biggest and dumbest idiot ever.”


People are still lynching till now over that post, I wish the world get to see how insensitive and silly he is. Unpatriotic Efule like him?


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