Introvert, Extrovert and Online Crawler – Elsie Isy is #Bae

So we catch up with one of social media’s sweetest darlings.

Elsie Godwin is a blogger, OAP, podcaster and TV personality. Her show Crux Of The Matter which airs on GoTV Channel 112 every Wednesday at 9.30pm, is a no holds barred talk  show.

Elsie tracks down interesting personalities and throws a wide range of topics at them, eliciting open and honest responses on life, love, relationships, sex and whatever you may think of.

So we turn the tables on her today, and she has to sit through 12 of OUR questions. No holds barred.

Can Elsie give as much as she takes?

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Is she #Bae or Nay?

(Wait first make we go ogle her pictures. You see fine yellow sisi like Elsie, you dey ask JAMB kwelshun? Abeg carry your beeg beeg grammar commot for our side make we go look Elsie o… Ksss, kssss, fine giyal, wait first, I want to ask you sontin…)


Who Are You?

I am the introverted-extrovert, online crawler, blogger, lover of love, relationship junkie, TV show host, multitasker, creative fan, transcriber, sexual somebori, Radio host, media underG, drama geh, mediapreneur and so much more I can’t remember.

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What Drives You?

Happiness & Comfort

Nigeria Today: Where Are We?

Eedris Abdulkareem

Nigeria Tomorrow: What Do You See?

I am kinda blind at the moment, let’s try this some other time.

You and Nigeria: How Do You Fit In?

Unfortunately, I was born in Nigeria and life has forced me to fit in. I am sure life can answer the question since its life’s choice. KMT

Nigeria of Tomorrow: Message To The Youth

Stop being used…Have some sense, dignity and pride. We can’t maintain the mediocre way of life and gullibility.

Turn Ons/Offs

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Right dose of composure. While “holier than every other being’’ attitude and pride turns me way off.

What Is That One Thing You Can’t Do Without?

God’s Grace

#WifeNotCook, Yay or Nay?


What Would Be Your Favourite Vacation Spot?

Anywhere I have never been before that screams nature and serenity.

If You Had Five Minutes With Your Teenaged Self, What Would You Tell Her:

Brace up, the journey is lonely and tough.

Your Lamest Joke Ever, We Want To Laugh (Not).

I don’t try being funny but people laugh when I am being seriously serious. I don’t understand.

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