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Hian! People can shaa provoke unnecessarily for this space, angry people everywhere looking for who to dump their frustrations on top. So na harmless something people dey do with their time dey cause problem now? No be say dem force anybody to join o, they begin do am and people weh relate to am decided to join and that’s  what is paining some pipus? O chim


Who have heard about this ’30 days Hallelujah challenge, OlowoGboGboro #The Outstretched hand of God’ lead by one pastor Nathaniel Elbow on both Instagram and Facebook live video around 12midnight? Na im be the one weh dey give facebook atheists and some other people (weh I no sabi their base) emergency orgasm now o, they have been throwing tantrums upandan and Christians and other participants in the challenge are firing back at them kwanu.


Chief Christian Basher, Darren Idongesit lamented “There are times you do not understand why Nigerians act the way they do. Olowagbotigbo challenge, what for???


Controversial Selah dude, Olakunle Allison carry the matter for head like gala. He lamented “Morning Tonic 20.




It’s been trending on many social media platforms in Nigeria. I’m talking about #hallelujahchallenge which I believe was started by one Nathaniel Bassey (Gospel Artiste, I presume). I don’t know the details of this challenge but I do know that it has to do with praising God in the midnight Live on Facebook (and maybe on other platforms) for 1 hour. I also know that the last #hallelujahchallenge had over 50,000 participants on Facebook Live! Quite a phenomena online ‘worship’ session you’d admit.


Now, I’m a staunch advocate of online church and maximizing the social media tsunami to the Church’s advantage. I once did a post encouraging Christians and Churches in Nigeria to key into the ‘new normal’, end all billion dollar building projects and take the church online. So I’m all for worship or praise challenge online. But once again, in our usual characteristic manner as Nigerians, this is another distraction. A distraction from our real problem.

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We always excel and set records FOR ALL THE WRONG THINGS!


50,000 Nigerians could arrest sleep for one hour in the midnight and join an #hallelujahchallenge on social media, with tweets and thousands of retweets, while our real challenges are left untended. When will Nigerians realize that our real challenge is not and has never been about inducing insomnia and praising God every night for 30 days? In fact, a Nigerian born today is factory-fitted to keep vigils for religious purposes. This is hardly a challenge.


We need a revolution challenge, not an hallelujah challenge. Character Revolution. Moral/Ethical Revolution. Spiritual Revolution. Political Revolution. Social Revolution. Cultural Revolution. Orientation Revolution. #revolutionchallenge.


Nothing brings this stark reality to the fore more than my experience at the Police Station just yesterday. I had gone with a client to the Police station following a petition against the latter by his employer. It was a witch hunt by a boss whose sense of security was not worth an ounce. My client and I had it on good authority that the Police Investigators were handsomely paid (# 150,000) to clamp down on my client. This is what happens typically in Nigeria. Our police system is in the pocket of moneybags. This is why criminal investigation is often shoddy and/or sometimes nonexistent.

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After almost 5 hours of interrogations/interviews and statements taking, we were taken before the Area Commander who sounded as if he had already convicted my client without a trial. The shocking thing was that the IPO who interviewed my client was NOT at the briefing. If he was there he could have set the records straight because he made new discoveries which favoured my client.


Well, the Area Commander after pontificating asked that my client be released on bail (without having established any written offence). The female officer who took us to the Commander demanded #300,000 for bail. Guys, bail is supposed to be FREE!


Of course there was no way I would allow my client pay that. After much negotiating we parted with #15,000. Here are Officers of the Law who collected cash from both the Petitioner/Complainant and the Suspect. Judging by their conversations and my intuition, these Officers should be Christians. They probably pay tithes and offerings to some church every Sunday. They may also be among the 50,000 who joined the #hallelujahchallenge on Facebook Live. Welcome to Nigeria.


Christianity which is now a global phenomenon was entrusted with only TWELVE illiterate and obscure men.


Abraham’s prayers could not save the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because God couldn’t find just TEN righteous souls throughout the landscape. Genesis 18.

religion and development

It took just TWO men (Paul & Silas) to “turn the world upside down” in the First Century. Acts 17.


Folks, Nigeria’s challenge is not in numbers. It’s in substance. If two Nigerians can resolve to do the right thing at the right time, they would achieve more than 50,000 worshipers on Facebook Midnight Live.


Rather than speak the truth, Nigerians speak in tongues. With God, ko le werk!


Am I averse to the #hallelujahchallenge? Not totally. But neither am I a huge fan of it. You know why? Things like that give us an illusion of godliness as a people. They merely serve the purpose of masking our hypocrisies and numbing our consciences. Just as we try to bribe God through our tithes, we also attempt same through our praises. But a million praises from our lips do not equal one righteous act.


Let us stop deceiving ourselves as a people and get serious. #revolutionchallenge.





Controversial feminist Joy Isi Bewaji also ranted “#Rant883


Is Nigeria’s spirituality productive? Don’t share personal stories. Even heathens and infidels have glorious personal victories.


The question is: has spirituality affected Nigeria as a country in politics, education, economy, vision, leadership? Is it taking us closer to first world realities… or is it just helping you as an individual sell more garri in your shop?


Nigeria’s spirituality isn’t interested in ensuring better healthcare, for instance… it only wants to heal a child of pneumonia miraculously, which it hasn’t even yet succeeded in doing.


There’s no holistic mission for religion in Nigeria. You want to drive a fine car through bad roads and call it a blessing. Build a Lekki house right in the middle of a street with bad drainage and call it a blessing.


These personal victorious are cringe-worthy, pedestrian and ridiculous.


You are not developing your minds. That is why we have to break this down to tiny bits of information so you can burp on it like a child still being fed cereals.


When will your spirituality and church-going and  hallelujah-shouting graduate to tough meat and sound knowledge?


We don’t need spirituality to succeed or develop or curb our excesses as a failed country.


Religion/spirituality, as a matter of fact, is our biggest obstacle to growth.


We still believe God will do som’tin… and your faith will heal the land… and your prayers will touch the hearts of our leaders so they can stop looting.


Lol! Shoot me!


Deal with the loot in your respective religious centers first. Then deal with your own duplicity. That should keep you preoccupied for the next decade.


You don’t need God’s permission or even His blessing to build a first world county. Our minds can do so much. And HE gave us that mind. We are blessed already.


I don’t do my children’s homework. I stopped since grade 3. I provide. Children, go and read and pass. You don’t need me.


I know when I need to come in. You can’t be children forever. Kill your cockroaches with your own broom, make your sandwich by yourself, sweep your room, wash your toilet, throw your clothes in the washing machine, change the bed sheet, negotiate with the shoemaker by yourself.


Don’t call me.


When are you going to grow up?


That’s parenting. And if God is Image result for discuss the relationship between religion and developmentyour father, why do you expect His parenting to be different from ours?”


Another unbeliever Omeno James chanted “I don’t think the basis of the criticism of the Haleluiyah challenge is due to the fact that thousands of people came together to worship their God. I think it started from the notion that this 30 day worship will somehow transform Nigeria into a dreamland or that it will miraculously solve our problems as a nation.


While freedom of worship is a given and as a right, should even be protected (if it hurts no one in the process), selling the mindset that a 30 day worship challenge is the solution to Nigeria’s problems is actually very laughable and should be heavily criticized. IMHO”


Many others like them are busy running upandan drinking paracetamol on top other people headache. Make una continue o but fes make I ask una one question; How many revolution Una don start? How many changes have you guys effected? How many science projects have you people sponsored? None abi? Is it your data and time they are using? It’s not by ranting upandan on social media o, hian!?


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