Invalidating the God Factor Pt 2 | Christians Heat up

importance of religion in Nigeria

This space na one week one wahala, this week wahala na OlowoGbogboro Hallelujah 30days challenge that’s trending. Ndi Atheist and other people weh no get base haf been drinking paracetamol on top those participating in the challenge headache, mind your business no dey their dictionary at all.

Christians don dey bash them back kwa, as in na fire me I fire you back na im dem dey so

Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan posted “If I were non-religious I would not give a damn what religious people do as long as it does not affect/impact me, mine nor the soceity at large negatively.

Some Atheist say: HallelujahChallenge who e epp?

I say: HallelujahChallenge who e affect?

I think Religious intolerance is becoming one of the highest forms of intolerance amongst a group of people who claim to be victims of intolerance.

Watch it…else bigotry sneaks up on you like a thief in the night.”

Mike Ile also posted “Someone: WHO gay and atheism don epp?

Nigerians: Don’t bash people for their beliefs. Gay people have every right to be gay. Leave lesbians and atheists alone. What you expressed is not an opinion. It is rude. Waka pass.

Someone: Christianity is fraud. Prayers are useless.

Nigerians: She only expressed her opinion and some hard truths. Leave her to express her disdain for religion. It is her right.

Me: Fuck off. Stupid. Nonsense and equal rights. Mumu. Olodo. Agbaya. Rhustcrjruztdc. Bla bla bla.”

Even our own Eketi has this to say “#HallelujahChallenge is paining many people.


People gather to praise God every night and table their issues before God.

But some hungry-for-attention people, who haven’t joined in for one day, who aren’t worshipping Yahweh, decide to LIE, TWIST and reduce it to a gathering of people praying for Nigeria only.


It’s paining you.

Some are even doing Logic and Philosophy 101 on the matter, trying to differentiate between religion and Christianity, between faith and works and faith without works, between Jéhovah and Sango.



Not your data.

Not your network.

Not your phone.

Not your midnight.

Not your sleep.

Not your praise.

Not your prayer.

But still………massive painment!


They say it’s Placebo Effect that’s worrying us.

Uncle and Auntie, we agree.


But I’m still inviting you o…….come and join us by midnight and placebo with us.


After all, it won’t make any difference either way, abi? At least you’ll be entertained by our dancing and speaking in tongues. You will get something out of this painment.

If we give testimonies of miracles, laugh well well.


When we finish the #hallelujahchallenge, we will do #SaveNigeriaChallenge, so that it’ll look as if we’re actually doing something tangible, you hear?

Break over. Make I return to my real, life-changing, Nigeria-transforming, impact-making, breakthrough-achieving, non-religious job.

See you at midnight and God bless you.



Mark Anthony Osuchukwu has to say about it “#3095. When unbelievers were doing ice water challenge and mannequin challenge, we Christians didn’t laugh or taunt them.

Now, Nathaniel Bassey came with the hallelujah challenge that keeps us awake worshiping and people are talking like their brains are using finger battery!

People are shocking!

Leave us to worship.

If you don’t like it, go to the garden of Eden and hug the tree in the middle of the garden so you can have small sense!


Mr banks!”

Even those weh dey indifferent about the whole stuffs are also trying to teach them irreligious people what tolerance is, one of them Obinna Aligwekwe posted “That you do not take part in the hallelujah challenge, does not mean that those who take part are less smart.

Image result for why we need religion

Most of them already know that they need to work hard to make themselves or Nigeria great, in addition to their prayers. In fact many of them do put in that necessary work.

Yes, those that think it’s only about prayers, will need reminders that we have been praying for more than half a century, but that is topic for another day.

As long as nobody tries to shove it down any other person’s throat against his or her will, I am good.

You go to the pub, you do movies, they pray. It’s all leisure. None adds to the national economy more than the other.

Leave them alone.”

If only they will listen and know that it’s not their data or time neither is minding of business a huge task.?

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