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Asilovers, una don hear the latest? South East is on the fire o, Abia state is currently burning???

According to tales and Videos flying about, Nigerian Military men at the order of the President Buhari is planning on unleashing genocide against IPOB members. It’s that bad that they make them drink mud water while beating and videoing them, I even heard some were killed sef?


People especially Igbos are so angry, they went about Facebook lamenting their woes.


One of such people Blessing Awulotu Felix posted on her wall “I can’t even go out this morning, my heart is heavy from all the videos I’ve been watching. The tears won’t stop flowing. Just came across the video of the troops at Kanu’s house. One question… What did the President send that number of troops to Kanu’s house for? What is their mission? Kanu said Nigeria will burn if he is rearrested, has he been rearrested yet? So why surround him? Why poke your fingers into someone’s eyes? To see what he’ll do? To eventually blind him? Someone is seriously looking for IPOB to react so it’ll be used as an excuse to do whatever. This whole thing might look like a joke for those who do not understand but it is serious. Those in Aba and Obigbo says they couldn’t sleep last night from ceaseless shootings. Maybe IPOB were the ones shooting too. Look at this however you wish but this is not fair. It is not fair. It is not fair on the Igbos. It is not.




Daniela Chidimma consoled her “Please try and be strong, pull yourself together.”


Richelle Onyinye analyzed the situation ” Python dance was supposed to be a peaceful act if not because of the plenty buts, the truth is two very extremely selfish people are using innocent lives to toil around. Kanu and buhari are two tyrants. Now that it has come to this what’s the plan from kanu? None. This country lost its democratic rulership the very day buhari was elected so knowing this kanu should have done better than spill hate speech all over the place. These lives being messed with doesn’t deserve any of this. I hope they are both satisfied though.”


Blessing replied her “Peaceful as it should have been, how many peaceful dances have held in the north?”

Richelle answered her “Even if it happened in the north we won’t even know because nobody will talk about it, is even now that i know they have done crocodile smile in some state.”

Bridget Mbanuso lamented “I can’t really point at the reason behind this dehumanization and brutality by the northern part to the eastern part. I can’t say for sure they are trying to revenge in the bid for their pound of flesh cos they’ve been the ones opting for war since long ago and they are really going too far. Is not that we in the eastern part can’t fight back but we’ve looked properly into the implications of war and realized that war is senseless, there is no country that went to war that didn’t suffer. When we fought the civil war, it was horrific because we were left with nothing.”


Ekeoma Cynthia also chipped in “There’s no constitutional right that guarantees the army to act in such matter. Nigeria is a lawless country where anything goes and anything is accepted, people like kanu has spoken against it and to me that he’s only crime.”


While they were busy lamenting, insensitive people were busy having a field day, it was as if they were happy with the horrific happenings?


One of them Blezzed Abraham chanted “How can one man say a country will burn if rearrested?


This is how the last one started. An ego war – Two men clashing egos at the expense of millions of lives”


Blessing asked him “You don’t expect him to keep quiet and let go without a fight right? And has he been rearrested?”


Blezzed replied her “Are you trying to tell me they ain’t planning to arrest him, just intimidate him?”


Blessing retorted “It’s you I should be asking. That’s the question I asked in the post. What are they there for? If it’s to rearrest then they should go ahead. Why all the sengemenge?”


May Adins lectured Blezzed “Blezzed Abraham are you deaf to all the happenings, provocative and inflammatory speeches emanating from northerners, arewa and their leaders? how many contingents of armies did your Buhari send to counter them or has he ever condemned their acts? nnamdi kanu hasnt said 10th of what a northerner has been saying yet no killings and unwanton destruction of human lives.”


Blezzed concluded “God save Nigeria.. I don’t mind both men dying in their sleep, if it will stop this impeding doom.”


May still went ahead to educate some more “Blezzed Abraham this is part of the 5% your buhari promised those who didnt vote for him.. you don’t plunge your fingers into someone’s eyes and expect no reaction…afterall when the army become our custodian of peace? what is the core function of police again? has your buhari army finish eliminating terrorists in the northern region? why will your buhari send Armoured cars and well trained soldiers to silence innocent, lay siege and maim/kill arm less people? did those guys killed by your buhari blood sucking demons carry any weapon or chanting war songs? peaceful and innocent people going to thier leaders’ abode phew your blood sucking vampires descended on them.. aba is not owerri. they have touched the lion’s tail this time around.”


Another one came ranting and got attacked


This thing just taya me shaa, I feel like wailing for my country and how degenerated we are.☹️

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