Is Marriage an Achievement ?

Today have been hot! Soo hottttt! In fact ona ewu oku mehn!? We all know that Nigeria Facebook community na one week one wahala, seriously na the work weh we dey do be that o.


People have been throwing shades, grenades, tornadoes, bazookas at each other. Neither of the two teams are winning and yours truly, Asiri 1 of fifietalks haf been wakaring upandan with her hyper-alert h-antenna?

For team not achievement

Bolaji Yusuf wrote “Marriage is not achievement. Discovering or inventing the vaccine to HIV is an achievement. Solving bandwidth constrictions in the RF space is an achievement. You need to achievement in life? Solve global issues instead. Getting tied to a man or woman is not achievement in any way I can think of. Is there a Nobel prize or any form of awards for getting your ass tied to another ass?

NB: I am married. Marriage is not achievement. It is a lifestyle choice. Because I made the choice doesn’t mean I have gain achievement that other people should clap for. If I make a choice to eat Jollof rice in my house instead of Chicken Republic….Is that an achievement?

Bolaji Yusuf”


Olaide Wangai Akin wrote “I believe people who are pained by this statement, “Marriage isn’t an achievement”, are unhappy, hence the need to feel defensive.


If that statement makes you angry, ask yourself why?


The other day my 85-year-old grand aunt told me not to rush into marriage, be successful in my career and not listen to anyone who wants to rush me into marriage. Imagine that. I thought she would tell me to hurry and bring just anyone.


If you are happily married, good for you.


If you are happily single, good for you.


Just be happy.”


Nneka Obani wrote “How can someone confidently say marriage is an achievement? What sort of achievement is that?

See the number of nasty things that goes on in marriages these days and someone has the guts to generalize that marriage is an achievement.

Finding true love and good companionship is what I call an achievement whether in marriage or not.

Please when you want to say marriage is an achievement personalize it to yourself and spare us that hasty generalization.”


Ebere Mogbo shaded them “Some girls don’t have up to 100k in their account and they are busy looking for an innocent woman’s son to “achieve” marriage on top his head.

Obulu ogwu oma nle!” (???)


Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan posted “If Marriage in and of itself is an achievement, then I guess it’s only fair that we tag people like that Aunty I know who is in her 5th Marriage as High achievers.” (Chayee?)

Ifedimma Onwugbufor asked “Ehem … Please has Tiwa and Tee reclaimed their abandoned achievement or they are still edible cateringing and crying during interviews? Somehow I don’t understand how an achievement will drive one to jump over third mainland bridge and die. Na wa.



Mark Anthony Osuchukwu posted “#2949. Most married people calling marriage an achievement cannot talk when Linda Ikeji is talking!

Yet they say they have an achievement!

Ndi mmuo!

Mr banks!”


Nsikak Effiong wrote “If I have just a B. SC and someone comes to say, all B. SC holders to him/her are still illiterates.


I no fit vex.


Especially if I have a good paying job and I’m happy with my job. No matter what anyone says, I don’t care.


It’s the same way I see married people getting worked up over “marriage is not an achievement ”


If you are happy with your marriage, spouse, kids, married life, you need not prove to singles it is an achievement.


I am engaged.

You won’t see me saying “engagement is an achievement ” ?????

Cause I am happy.


As in, you won’t even have time at all arguing.


I hope you can read this post and understand me.


Some arguments no just worth am.”


For team it’s an Achievement, Hymar Idibie David wrote(he actually made tons of posts about this) “If your marriage makes you happy,  gives you a sense of fulfilment and purpose,  believe me,  It is an achievement. Too many sad and directionless unmarried people everywhere chooking mouth.” He further wrote “A lot of us are products of marriages.  We were privileged to have daddies and mommies who gave us stability,  shelter, education,  a sense of identity,  place and belonging. Our homes were not necessarily perfect but they were necessary for us.  Even today,  most of us run home when the world breaks us or tires us out.  Marriage gave us brothers,  sisters,  bonds.


You will now grow up and be talking about how marriage is not an achievement.  You think being a baby daddy or mummy na achievement Abi(no disrespect to baby daddies or mummies out there) ?  Having 10 girlfriends na wetin you call achievement?


Too much English is affecting your brain.”

Ifeoma Lawal wrote “On Facebook. ……marriage is shit, marriage is overrated, marriage is not important, marriage is not and can never be an achievement,  marriage is nonsense, marriage is this, marriage is that.


In real life….. ……They are running from pillar to post looking for pastors to pray for them to land themselves any man at all, they are pursuing peoples husbands, some sef are begging some rich Alhajis to make them their 2nd/3rd wives, in their inboxes, just mention marriage to them and see them fall yakata for you. ???.


I have stopped taking facebook serious o jare. Many of us say A on facebook and do B in real life. We are that pretentious.


Forget all these bragging and blabbing all over Facebook, we know as e dey go for real life.


Abeeggiii. ……Make I go find food put for belle jare. ..??”


Nnanna Oketa posted “Anyone who says marriage is not an achievement; look at his/her love life and/or that of his/her parents. You’ll see why.”

He further wrote “To you marriage is not an achievement. That’s fine. For me it is an achievement. You cannot define or dictate for me what I should consider an achievement . And yes, those who scream so much about how marriage is not an achievement, their love life and upbriging is usually a testament as to why they think marriage is not an achievement. No apologies.


Marriage is not an achievement, but na you find husband pass! Mtcheew!!”


Nwagu LP wrote “You guys can pick another fight. Leave marriage out of it. In life, nothing is perfect. We have kids and they die, do we stop having kids? We build houses and they collapse, do we stop? We ship goods and they sink, do we stop. Marriage is a huge achievement.”

Obinna Aligwekwe wrote „Achievement (Definition):

A thing done successfully with skill, effort or courage.


Now, is there any truly successful and happy marriage that was not a product of effort, skill or courage?

This debate is highly unnecessary.

That you are not successful in your marriage or relationship does not mean you should take the shine off that of people who feel fulfilled.

We must not all succeed in the same areas. There are people whose strengths are their loved ones, for others it’s their careers, others their laurels.

Choose the struggle that gives you meaning in life, and stop watching another person’s lane.“

Emmanuel Olufemi Akande summarized the whole thing aptly, he said “If you’re married and DESPERATELY trying to force people into believing marriage is an achievement, something ain’t right with your marriage.


If you’re divorced or separated and you’re going all out, to the extremes, belittling married couples, throwing up all sorts of labels, all in a DESPERATE bid to convince us that marriage is not an achievement, something is definitely not right with you.


Either ways, if you have to make this much noise about your opinions, and put people down in the process, it’s either you’re desperately trying to cover up something or you’re trying really hard to even believe your own opinions.


My point? Opinions are subjective but truth never shouts, if it has to yell, it ain’t truth but repressed bitterness. Make una continue dey deceive una sef, some of us dey look una like Film. ?”

Still subs and shades are still flying upandan, I don taya for all us of sef

Asirilovers, my fingers dey pain me o. Yours truly don fighttype today eeh, so tey my fingers dey shake. Chai! E no go better for whoever started this fight in Facebook o??

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