Is Ngozi Okponu a ‘Worthless Flesh’

It’s disheartening how inhumane human beings can be, it breaks my heart.

Don’t know whether you heard about the Doctor guy that committed suicide yesterday on Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge? 

According to stories, he told his driver to stop that he wants to take a leak, he came down and took a leapt into the lagoon. Facebook has been agog since, people talking about depression and suicide, sharing their stories and all.

Out of the blues, a kom kom brain of a silly girl, Ngozi Peace Alexandra Akubueze decided to showcase her stupidity. She wrote “”This one everybody is committing suicide…

They know I’m about to graduate… See correct job openings.


Can you imagine the insensitivity? How can someone be like this? I trust my fellow Facebookers to teach her silly ass some hard core lessons.

Maureen Alikor commented “You are among the problem Nigeria has…

people are committing suicide and all you are concerned about is your sorry self and how someone’s  misfortune and death will pave a way for you.

This post is the most stupid post I have seen all morning….

I wonder how much courage you had to type this crap.

Must somebody die before you get a job?

Can’t  you graduate and be an employer of labour instead of enjoying the fact that people are committing suicide…”

Kenny Disu told her “And you think you just made sense right? A family somewhere is mourning and their state of sadness is palatable to you because you think you would get a job in the stead of the dead

And to think you are in your finals. How insensitive. How cruel. How mean. How myopic. How soulless.

You are so sure you would never die.

Please don’t take this post down. Let those who call you friend see you for who you truly are.

And yes, you will graduate. You will get a job too. But remember life doesn’t end with graduating and getting a job.”

Another Facebooker Mercy Ebere Thompson commented “Perhaps your entire family should as well commit suicide, so that when you finally get the job you’d not have to share your salary with them.”

Justin Ebuka Muodebelu replied her silly tail shaking emoji with “Aren’t you just a piece of worthless flesh?

People like you insult the feats of amazing females. You want them to die so you’ll get their jobs right?


Santos Aburime Akhilele commented “If everyone on earth dies, you’d still be unemployed with this kind of brain you have.”

Gbam! Her senselessness no be here at All, who wan offer a certified Okponu Original job ni?

And sadly, she has a concurrer to her Okponu post. Her friend Kanife Rose Ezinne commented “Well,she meant well…when she graduates,she will be essential in curbing down the rate at which people commit suicide as a Psychologist. Please,see it from that point. She is studying Psychology,in her Finals and will graduate soonest. Committing suicide is a problem which needs Solution/Prevention. As a Psychologist,she will help in combating the problem by offering Psychotherapy,Chemotherapy to people with high risk of Suicide.”

#yawnsloudly while screaming OKPONU!

You 2 needs a bed at some place stronger than Yaba left! Insensitive brats!

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