Is that FFK talking? Pass me the salt, please.

If you are Nigerian, or have had close ties with the Nigerian nation, you will, no doubt be familiar with the name femi fani kayode. The man is known for blowing hot and cold, high and low, and talking from both sides of his mouth. He has also, at various times and places, been known to be very vocal, both in support of, and against, particular causes, depending on which side of the bread the butter is.

Come with me:

This same individual was in the PDP, first as President Obasanjo’s campaign team for the 2003 general elections, after which he became the president’s first ever special assistant on public affairs. He was moved to the ministry of culture and tourism, and later to the aviation ministry. By the time GEJ was campaigning for presidency after Umaru Yar’Adua’s death, FFK was an APC stalwart. He was in the thick of those castigating GEJ and the PDP administration, until he was “settled”, and reinvented himself as GEJ’s campaign spokesman. In one of his legendary tirades against the APC, from whose corner he had just cross-carpeted, he insinuated that the APC was basically a northern party, and there was an agenda that included subjugation and domination of all other tribes, especially the Igbo, and that “any Igbo person who was a member of the APC needed to have his or her head examined.”

People believed him, or at least some did, and his mouth, despite his dubious antecedents.

This same man, in one of his rants, said the Igbos are uncouth, which loosely translates to rude, ill mannered, foul-mouthed, unrefined, and uncivilized. He also told us how he famously slept with Bianca Ojukwu, the wife of arguably one of the greatest Igbo men to have walked this earth, the Ikemba Nnewi himself, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. Whether the allegation, which the lady in question has vehemently denied, is true or not, the statement was a calculated attempt to insult and rubbish the Igbo race. For him to allege that he cuckolded Ojukwu, he must have had it in mind to insult and rubbish the race. He also said that he slept with several other Igbo ladies, although.

Not too long ago, in another publicity drive (such things are no longer news to us, it is no secret that, like a moth, the self-styled living legend, which is what his website describes him as, is drawn to limelight, often at his own peril), he had a serious falling out with one of Buhari’s social Media aides, a certain Ms Loretta Onochie, who is sadly Igbo, in which he referred to her as a “hired help, an ugly duckling who washes toilets in the villa and is running her mouth”. He also famously referred to President Mpa-nnukwu BabaBubu as a walking corpse, and dared him to respond.

My point: someone who, in the course of a few days, transforms himself from an APC stalwart to a PDP chieftain, and proceeds to alternately bash and celebrate igbos from both sides of his mouth he uses to “eat achicha and ayoro-ayo” cannot be trusted. We must question his motives and motivations.

Why am I going on and on about this? It may interest you to know, dear reader, that Femi Fani Kayode, that bastion of decadence and No integrity, has recently allied himself with Nnamdi Kanu and the struggle of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB).


Whenever FFk is talking, only the most gullible do not reach for the salt to add several pinches to whatever drivel he is spitting. A brief peep at his Wikipedia page lists him as being married thrice, which fundamentally says something about him, but the page reveals further, when it discloses that he is currently living with an Igbo lady, who incidentally is not one of the three he is (or has been) legally married to, and he has a son, his first, by her.

Personally, I have never had much belief in Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafra struggle, mainly because of the way he went about it. If Nnamdi’s calls for a Biafran nation began with asking the governors of the eastern states to support his cause, or to deliver dividends of democracy to the electorate, it would have made far more sense. Instead Nnamdi Kanu’s biafran agitation is based on whipping the common people, many of whom were not born in the late sixties and have not witnessed the horrors of war firsthand, into a frenzy and asking them to go on protests where they are likely to die, just so he can use images of their bullet riddled bodies to draw international attention to a misguided cause.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: if the south-eastern governors can make proper use of the allocations and monies that they get and have been getting over the years, there will most likely be no need for the Biafran agitation. The south east is sufficiently rich in natural resources to be doing much better. But sadly, it is our lot as a nation to have been afflicted with the very worst sort of leaders, leaders who will rob their people blind and pretend to be doing stuff. Thus, when we find a minimal performer, we anoint him as a king, and give him a halo, making him a saint. if we get Biafra today, we will just be swapping one set of taskmasters for another. And now, Femi Fani Kayode’s being added or allied with the struggle only taints it further, in my opinion, assuming such a thing were possible.  That man is no friend of the Igbo nation.

A word is enough for the wise. It remains now to be seen if the Igbos are skilled only in business acumen, but sadly devoid of common sense.

What do you think, biko? I would like to know.

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