Is That Wan Madonna Student?

Abeg who else noticed ‘Madonna shildren play play’ for Facebook over the weekend? Do you want to know how it all started? Come closer let me tell you.

A Facebooker Oluchi Smallshow Okafor started it with his bro Valetine Bigshow Okafor, he wrote “Madonna student dat doesnt doesn’t know *BIGSHOW & SMALLSHOW* is dat one Madonna student” before we could say fim,  Madonna students came out in quantum and joined the kraze. It was fun initially till the yeye became too much and Facebookers started throwing jabs at them

Nsikak Effiong wrote with a meme of a cartoon heating it’s head on the wall “what is this nonsense about Caritas and Madonna?”

Sobrams Awah commented “Those ones na school?” and a Madonnite Chigbo Ebuka, came for his head under his comment, he wrote “Hmmm…U sure you go school” I bet that was his worst mistake cause  Sobram and his crew made sure they pepper am wella; Qt’omah Cindy commented “Glorified senior primary school” another Josh Bassey said “One of those Day care Centres sprouting up all over the place.”

HeiGod! Dey no even pity the boy small.

Madonnites were having non of that and the chief originator of the shildren play play resorted “Bia dia ,we no invite una for this Madonna University students play ooo,I think it is strictly for us ooo..we are well aware we attended a “glorified secondary school”,but trust me,we all can defend our certificates.. I take God beg una wey attend “Magnified Kindergarten” make una find una own class(shoe get size and okrika get grade) Ndi ishi cult”.. I can’t come and be comparing  Original Nike and Aba sneakers ????COME ON YOU MADONNITES!!!”

Homaigod!!! This one entered abeg, say the truth biko.

As of Monday morning, Madonnites were scoring 10goals against 0 for the Facebookers beefing team

And other Universities later joined the play play too, I just weak when I saw them doing theirs after subbing Madonnites few hours before

Anyways Me ayam a Super lioness and I wan add my own fa “ Any lion (ness) that doesn’t know Coke Ville/SUB is that one a UNN student?

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